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Cloud Computing Security Software Overview

What is Cloud Computing Security Software?

Cloud computing security software is a set of technologies and policies designed to ensure regulatory compliance and protect information, data applications and infrastructure associated with cloud computing.

How it Differs from Traditional Security

Providers of cloud computing technology such as Software-as-a-Service or Infrastructure-as-a-Service, or Platform-as-a-Service have a responsibility to protect their customers' data through stringent security measures.

Cloud computing technology resources are shared among very large numbers of customers and, for this reason, questions of access control, privacy, data security, data protection, and business continuity and backup are paramount.

All cloud computing providers must provide a base level of security to mitigate these concerns to ensure that customers are in compliance with all relevant regulations.

However, end users of these resources also have responsibility for ensuring that measures are taken to protect their applications through the use of strong passwords and authentication measures.

Pricing Information

Cloud computing security software for business varies greatly in price depending on capabilities and scalability. Enterprise level products may cost as much as $5,000 per year per application secured. In addition, there are significant costs in hiring the right engineers to build and operate these systems.

Cloud Computing Security Products

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McAfee Cloud Workload Security

McAfee Cloud Workload Security provides provides data visibility, data loss prevention, and advanced threat protection, and is designed to make the cloud the most secure environment for business. The product provides direct integration with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and VMware environments…

CMIT Secure

Austin-based CMIT Solutions offers CMIT Secure, a layered cybersecurity product bundling the company's flagship products with access blocking and control, SIEM, threat assessment and consultation, DNS filtering, and intelligent firewall, to protect enterprise cloud resources and…

FireEye Detection on Demand

In October 2019 FireEye launched Detection On Demand, a threat detection service available through an API that scans for malware and other malicious files, uncovering harmful objects in the cloud.

Avira URL Safety Cloud

Avira says their web reputation intelligence is key to ensuring their customers remain safe from malicious content on the websites they access.The AUSC identifies unsafe and malicious web resources for developers and vendors of security solutions. The ability to simply integrate…

Axis Security

Axis Security is an application security solution that enables organizations to quickly deliver global access to employees, partners, and other stakeholders through a zero-trust cloud security platform. Unlike legacy solutions that create excess access and unnecessary risk, Axis…

Cisco Umbrella Easy Protect for MSPs

Cisco Umbrella Easy Protect is a bare-bones deployment of Cisco Umbrella that offers a baseline of security protection to MSP's customers through network DNS protection. With Easy Protect, the user adds Network identities, have customer change their router's DNS settings to use the…

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security

Kaspersky Labs provides edge-to-edge security for cloud apps and resources stored on cloud, and virtual resources, via the Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security application.

Infocyte HUNT

Infocyte HUNT aims to provide an easy-to-use, yet powerful enterprise endpoint security solution. Infocyte HUNT is a threat hunting software/platform designed to limit risk and eliminate dwell time by enabling an organization’s own IT and security professionals to proactively discover…


JupiterOne promises to: Accelerate compliance and certification audits such as HITRUST, SOC2, PCI, ISO27001 and NIST by assisting companies in creating their security policies, processes and controls as well as easily producing evidence for controls. Automate security instrumentation…

DivvyCloud, by Rapid7

DivvyCloud protects cloud and container environments from misconfigurations, policy violations, threats, and IAM challenges by using automation and real-time remediation to ensure continuous security and compliance. Rapid7 announced their intent to acquire DivvyCloud April 2020.

Sophos Cloud Optix

Sophos Cloud Optix is a security product designed to protect cloud apps and services used across the enterprise.

Proofpoint Cloud Account Defense (PCAD)

Proofpoint Cloud Account Defense (PCAD) is a cloud-based file security option which detects compromised Office 365 accounts using threat intelligence and contextual data.

IBM Cloud Certificate Manager

Use the Certificate Manager service to manage SSL certificates for your IBM Cloud-based apps and services.

FireEye Cloudvisory

FireEye acquired Cloudvisory in early 2020 to bolster its cloud computing security portfolio. Cloudvisory provides cloud security visibility and auditing, compliance framework and guardrails, policy management and vulnerability protection, and threat detection.


Bridgecrew headquartered in San Francisco aims to change the way teams secure their cloud infrastructure. By leveraging security-as-code, Bridgecrew’s platform identifies and automatically fixes cloud infrastructure misconfigurations in both run-time and build-time.


TokenEx is a cloud security platform that uses tokenization to secure and desensitize any structured data element. We specialize in payments use cases, but we also offer solutions for the privacy space, including insurance and health care applications. Our security technology can:…

StratoZone, on Google Cloud

StratoZone is a modular suite of cloud computing analytics and migration support technologies, including StratoProbe analytics, StratoBeam migration management tool, the StratoGuard security module, StratoBase cloud management and monitoring solution, and the StratoBazaar cloud…

ArvanCloud CDN

ArvanCloud CDN servers deliver content from the nearest geolocation. Using numerous PoPs at important traffic points all around the world, the vendor states that ArvanCloud can accurately detect the geolocation of the users and ArvanCloud CDN servers deliver their content from the…

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services

IBM Hyper Protect Crypto Services provides a key management and cloud hardware security module (HSM) to encrypt and protect keys.

IBM Cloud Activity Tracker

Cloud Activity Tracker allows cloud administrators, security and developers to search and analyze how their users and applications interact with IBM Cloud services.

Azure Security Center

Microsoft Azure Security Center provides unified security management and advanced threat protection for hybrid cloud workloads.

Illumio Adaptive Security Platform

The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP), from Illumio in Sunnyvale, is designed to help users prevent the spread of breaches and achieve regulatory compliance through real-time application dependency mapping and micro-segmentation that works in any data center and cloud environment…

Telos Ghost

Telos Corporation acquired Armored Cloud in 2015 and now offers it as Telos Ghost, a security platform emphasizing user anonymity and undetectability in cloud access and activity as its means of providing protection to security threats related to user activity.


Lacework in San Jose delivers security and compliance for the cloud. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform is cloud-native and offered as-a-Service; delivering build-time to run-time threat detection, behavioral anomaly detection, and cloud compliance across multicloud environments,…


Bitglass secure corporate data on mobile devices and tracks sensitive documents on the Internet.