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Cisco Umbrella

Cisco now offers OpenDNS Umbrella Web Filtering. Cisco acquired OpenDNS in August 2015, and rebranded the product as Cisco Umbrella.

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Cisco Umbrella

Cisco now offers OpenDNS Umbrella Web Filtering. Cisco acquired OpenDNS in August 2015, and rebranded the product as Cisco Umbrella.

Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway

The Forcepoint ONE Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is one of the three foundational gateways of the Forcepoint ONE all-in-one cloud platform. Forcepoint ONE SWG monitors and controlsany interaction with any website, including blocking access to websites based on category and risk score,…

Zscaler Internet Access

Zscaler Internet Access is delivered as a security stack as a service from the cloud, and is designed to eliminate the cost and complexity of traditional secure web gateway approaches, and provide easily scaled protection to all offices or users, regardless of location, and minimize…

Cisco Secure Web Appliance

Cisco Secure Web Appliance (formerly Cisco Web Security Appliance [WSA]), powered by Cisco Talos, protects by automatically blocking risky sites and testing unknown sites before allowing users to link to them, helping with compliance. It is available models S690, S390, and S190.

Trend Micro Smart Protection Suite, with XGen

Trend Micro offers the Smart Protection Suite with XGen, an endpoint security suite including data loss prevention and mobile device protection. The Smart Prtection Endpoint Suite is the basic edition. The Smart Protection Complete Suite also includes a message security gateway for…

Barracuda Web Security Gateway

Barracuda Web Security Gateways now available in the 200 through 1000 series provide web content filtering as well as access and advanced threat protection, and are available as physical appliances, virtual appliances, or as a SaaS.


DNSFilter headquartered in Waltham offers DNS-Based Content Filtering & Threat Protection.

F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM)

F5 Networks provides BIG-IP Access Policy Manager as an identity and access solution which can be deployed as a standalone solution or as an add-on to F5 Networks' flagship BIG-IP TLM or F5 Advanced WAF applications.

GoGuardian Admin

GoGuardian Admin is a web content filtering solution from education software company GoGuardian in Los Angeles, provide web filtering on-campus and off-campus filtering.

WebTitan DNS Filter

WebTitan is the web security gateway and content filtering solution offered by TitanHQ.

Check Point Quantum Security Gateway Next Generation Firewall

The Check Point Quantum Security Gateway Next Generation Firewall is a tiered firewall product. The base model includes the core firewall services, and can be upgraded to include anti-bot/virus/spam and sandboxing capabilities.


Virtru in Washington DC offers email encryption software and persistent data security, privacy and loss prevention.

Cloudflare Zero Trust Services

Cloudflare's Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) technologies create secure boundaries around applications. When resources are protected with ZTNA, users are only allowed to access resources after verifying the identity, context, and policy adherence of each specific request. Cloudflare'…

Forcepoint ONE

Forcepoint ONE is a cloud platform that enables users to adopt Zero Trust and Security Service Edge (SSE, the security component of SASE), unifying crucial security services, including Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)…

Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway

Skyhigh Secure Web Gateway (replacing the former McAfee Web Gateway) is presented by the vendor as high-performance on-premises web security, that can be deployed as dedicated hardware or a virtual machine. With it, users can enforce internet-use policies, analyze the nature and…

Symantec Web Security Service

Symantec Web Security Service (WSS) is a line of defense against modern day cyber threats. It provides secure web services, enables enterprises to control access, protects users from threats, and secures their sensitive data.

Trend Micro PortalProtect

Trend Micro PortalProtect secures collaborations with a dedicated layer of protection that guards against malware, malicious links, and other threats that SharePoint administrators are often unaware of. Its web reputation technology blocks malicious links from entering web portals,…

Barracuda Content Shield

Barracuda Content Shield and Content Shield Plus for MSPs are cloud-based service that combines robust content filtering, file-based protection, granular policy enforcement and reporting, simple centralized management, and real-time threat intelligence to protect users and organizations.…

Sophos Cloud Web Gateway (discontinued)

Sophos Cloud Web Gateway has been discontinued since 30 June 2020.

Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 is a Zero Trust Network as a Service from the company of the same name in Tel Aviv, designed to simplify secure network, cloud and application access for the modern and distributed workforce.


NordLayer provides cybersecurity tools for businesses of any size or work model developed by the standard of NordVPN. NordLayer helps organizations secure networks and enhance internet security and modernizes network and resource access with technical improvements aligning with the…

Mimecast Web Security

Mimecast Web Security protects against malicious web activity initiated by user action or malware and blocks business-inappropriate websites based on customer-configured policies and Mimecast’s threat intelligence capabilities.

IBM Secure Gateway

The IBM Secure Gateway provides a secure connection between anything and anything, allowing the user to quickly set up gateways to connect your environments, manage the mapping between your local and remote destinations, and monitor all of your traffic.

Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform

The Aviatrix cloud network platform aims to bring multi-cloud networking, security, and operational visibility capabilities that enterprises customers require. Aviatrix software leverages public cloud provider APIs to interact with and directly program native cloud networking constructs,…

Cisco Cloud Web Security

Cisco offers Cloud Web Security (a, internet security platform / web security gateway), based on technology acquired from ScanSafe.

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Learn More About Secure Web Gateway

What is a Secure Web Gateway?

Secure web gateways (SWG’s) are web platforms designed for detecting and preventing threats, unauthorized access to websites or systems, and malware. They are also capable of monitoring real-time activity throughout the website being used by authorized users and employees, ensuring compliance with company guidelines. They may be installed as appliance-based hardware, through a cloud-based software platform, or as a virtual appliance.

SWG’s can prevent threats by establishing a digital wall and acting as a barrier and filter between the website and the end-point device. This keeps users from accessing malicious sites or web traffic that may be part of a cyber attack. They can perform properly no matter the client’s location or operating system in place, which leads the security product to be very practical for both the company and the authorized users.

With remote work becoming more of the norm in today’s evolving world, cyber-security attacks have been on the rise. Companies don’t have as much guidance over the activities of their employees during the workday. These distributed workforces make it important to invest in an SWG to protect against threats and viruses that would threaten the entire organization’s online operating system.

Secure Web Gateway Features:

Some of the most common features found when using secure web gateways include:

  • Access Control

  • Anti-Spam

  • Anti-Virus

  • Compliance Management

  • Financial Data Protection

  • Maintenance Scheduling

  • Network Security

  • Real-Time Monitoring

  • Vulnerability Protection

Secure Web Gateway Comparison

Consider these factors when comparing secure web gateways:

  • Company size: The size of your company may play a factor as to which secure web gateway to choose. For example, some gateways are better suited to handle security threats for large businesses and therefore may not be the best bet for a small firm. Be sure to research the SWG and the size of the company they are best suited to serve.

  • Industry: Knowing which SWG suits which industry best is important when deciding which vendor to go with. One product may be designed to serve a healthcare business, but not a system within the education industry. Researching and reading reviews from users can give more insight into these differences.

  • Location: Though SWG’s can serve as a barrier no matter your location, some vendors are designed to serve a specific region better than others. North American users may get less value out of a product based and intended for use in Asia or Europe, and vice versa.

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Pricing Information

Pricing may vary greatly between vendors and usually charge per user. Expect to pay between $3 to $5 per user for basic package prices and $5 to $8 per server. Higher premium packing is available by contacting the vendor directly. Most of the vendors will offer a free 30-day trial which is highly recommended to try before deciding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a secure web gateway do?

Secure web gateway software enables businesses to feel protected from malware, cyberattacks, and different types of threats and viruses by enabling a barrier between website and end-point device. In addition, they monitor real-time activity from employee use to ensure they are within company compliance and don’t interact with unprotected sites which would negatively affect the entire company’s system.

What are the benefits of using a secure web gateway?

One major benefit of having an SWG is offering peace of mind that you and your employees are protected. In a time where it is becoming more and more acceptable to work remotely, offering protection even outside the office is becoming more necessary. Additionally, SWG’s allow a business to save both time and money that would cost them if they were to ever become a victim of a virus or cyberattack. Therefore, SWG’s offer a great return on investment.

How much does a secure web gateway product cost?

SWG’s usually charge between $3 to $5 per user and $5 to $8 per server. For more specific pricing information and higher premium costs, it is best to contact the vendor directly and take advantage of any free trial they may be offering.

What are the best secure web gateway products?