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10 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend


Codeship is very well suited to teams that have specialized devops members along with other specialized developers. It lets the other developers focus on what they do best, without having to learn another technology stack. This has cut down on a lot of headaches at our company with developers needing to deploy code to various different hosting services across different content management systems. The experience to push code is essentially the same for a developer no matter what the underlying technology is
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  • Quick setup for continuous integration: push to a specific branch and run deployment scripts to see updates on the corresponding environment
  • We can quickly see if there is something wrong: whenever we make changes, Codeship runs the whole build and then tests the code before deploying to production. The default setting is to run build and test on all branches, so there is usually no feature branch with a red build that we are not aware of
  • Deployment scripts are very easy to configure and with the limited (but powerful) setup options, we usually have a clear process that describes the deployment. This way everything is clear, even for engineers new to the project.
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  • Copeship is an external service, I can't install it inside our company's private network
  • I can't use it for free for my private repos
  • No open source support
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Alternatives Considered


Back in those days, we didn't know about Gitlab, and Bitbucket didn't provide a CI pipeline. Jenkins is just too much for the simple tasks we wanted to achieve, besides, we didn't have a dedicated server for the sole purpose of having our code pipelined though continuous integration and continuous delivery. Codeship presented itself as a simple, straight-to-business and inexpensive way of achieving CI and CD at our company.
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Return on Investment


  • Faster code pushes with less headaches has led to better efficiency as well as reduced frustration within the development team.
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