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58 Ratings
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I wasn't involved in the selection process for this system, so I am not sure what some of the key questions might be. I can tell you that I think it's definitely more appropriate for companies that are more sales driven. We are an accounting firm, and though business development is a huge part of our business the sales model is very different from the typical sales company. I do think that the flexibility of the InsightSquared system is what has allowed us such success in using it.


  • Allow users to assess their individual performance
  • Display ready-to-use reports that are useful for business growth
  • Understand other factors such as churn, sales cycles and sales funnels.


  • Bulk changes to reports/dashboards can be time consuming sometimes. But there is not much to complain about the tool so far. It serves our current requirements quite well. Customer Success has been quick to respond and help us out.

Likelihood to Renew

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InsightSquared is an excellent product, but without sufficient user adoption it can only do so much for your organization. We only recently implemented InsightSquared (in the past six months or so). We will need to see over time how it actually meets our reporting needs, affects our pipeline management activities, and improves our overall business decisions


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lots of data available and very easy to change filters. it is very intuitive. The dashboards are great quick indications of where you, the team and and the company

Reliability and Availability

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Every time I go to use InsightSquared it has been available and fully functional

Breadth of Deployment

We use InsightSquared companywide. All departments make different use of the different functions within InsightSquared.

Alternatives Considered

I don't believe there is a significant alternative that meets the needs of this product

Collaboration and Sharing

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Sends nightly emails to staff and managers and provides a weekly summary email as well

Data Integration

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Salesforce is what we wanted to connect and InsightSquared was able to easily integrate with all of our data from there. Very helpful for analysis

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