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Top Rated
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If all of your data isn't consolidated in one place, this product is less appropriate. If your company or team structure isn't yet developed to the point where you have well defined sales targets based on historical data and accurate forecasting, many of the benefits of Insight Squared's data analysis could be lost on you. Ask yourself first if your sales team is at the point where you're ready to utilise data analytics to scale your sales effectively.


  • The dashboard is amazing: easily customize your view so you can view all the data that is most relevant to you at a glance
  • Sales metrics: see how you are comparing to your peers, from every possible angle. InsightSquared gathers all the data you need to know, want to know, and didn't even know you wanted!
  • Predictive statistics and the likelihood of a deal to fail or succeed is quite useful in a sales environment where time efficiency is key. Need to know what deals to focus on? You can see exactly what deals need more TLC, which ones are likely to close, and which ones to stop wasting time on.


  • I loved how you can chose filtering options, in our particular sales environment, but the updates you just released completely changed it and made it difficult to sort through the multiple filtering variables we have in place.
  • Information overload: unless you're incredibly proficient, it may be overwhelming to look at all the data and figure out how to understand it
  • Actively provide more demos on feature updates perhaps? Again, this is a very powerful tool but if a sales team doesn't know how to use it to it's fullest potential, then it's not worth the $$$. Make sure you are in contact with your clients and their growing teams are not only comfortable using InsightSquared, but it is an integral part of their sales success.

Likelihood to Renew

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InsightSquared is an excellent product, but without sufficient user adoption it can only do so much for your organization. We only recently implemented InsightSquared (in the past six months or so). We will need to see over time how it actually meets our reporting needs, affects our pipeline management activities, and improves our overall business decisions


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lots of data available and very easy to change filters. it is very intuitive. The dashboards are great quick indications of where you, the team and and the company

Reliability and Availability

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Every time I go to use InsightSquared it has been available and fully functional

Breadth of Deployment

Across all of Marketing and Sales

Alternatives Considered

We selected InsightSquared because of the ease of use when it comes to retroactive reporting. Also being able to see our data in helpful charts and graphs allows for a quick, high level overview of the business. InsightSquared takes the information from these different platforms and applies them to hundreds of reports at a time.

Collaboration and Sharing

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IS2 has some simple sharing capabilities. To be honest, however, those are not really needed.

Data Integration

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Great SFDC integration but, limited to integrating other data sources without upgrading to more advanced product

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