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61 Ratings
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Marin Software

It's well suited when you have to integrate it with another data source, like an FTP for example. The dimensions you can assign to campaigns or ad group levels help for easier performance management and reporting.What makes it difficult is that everytime you need to update anything on the account, you can't use the publisher but have to do it through Marin. This makes the whole process very time consuming and causes more mistakes. Also if you have paused anything on the publisher and you don't remember to sync marin after, all changes on the publisher will get lost if you make new changes on marin
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  • Consolidation of multiple accounts. Google, Bing, other...all in one place. This is why reporting is based out of Marin. One data source vs. many.
  • Bid management for financial goals. Setting a cost-per-conversion goal allows Marin to maximize conversions by adjusting bids up and down. Performance increases are amazing!
  • Reporting. Flexibility of reports is pretty cool.
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  • Preferring to make bulk changes with AdWords Editor, it would sometimes not upload correctly, which was frustrating.
  • The reporting features weren't horrible, but I was expecting a little more. It's pretty time consuming to set up initially.
  • A little slow when it comes to integrating new features - seems like it took a very long time to make a transition to final URLs and there was very little support during that time.
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Likelihood to Renew

Marin Software7.6
Based on 23 answers
It's not a higher renew score due to its pricing based on our current spend levels and budgeting
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Marin Software8.9
Based on 5 answers
As mentioned previously, the bidding setup is confusing, with way too many settings that can make or break your campaign.
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Marin Software8.2
Based on 5 answers
While they are getting much better with the new restructured support dept, the previous ticketing system was prone to long wait times, inexperienced techs who would just link you to help desk articles that didn't apply, and unresolved issues. I think the addition of a direct support phone number in addition to our account team was a huge help.
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Online Training

Marin Software9.0
Based on 1 answer
Interactive helpful videos, summaries, and quizzes help a user learn the platform in demo-mode. The only challenge was that once you clicked certain buttons per instructions, you couldn't necessarily go back to retake notes without redoing the entire module.
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Marin Software9.8
Based on 5 answers
I think if we had known what we wanted, the implementation would have been perfect. Since we didn't, there was quite a bit of back and forth between ethology and the implementation team at Marin. The process ended up taking a lot longer than we expected it to take, but worked out in the end.
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Alternatives Considered

I used Kenshoo about 3 years ago. I find Marin much simpler to use. The biggest plus for Marin is the bidding structure
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Return on Investment

  • Increased account management efficiency.
  • Given some insight that would have not have been easily available via the direct paid search platforms.
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Marin Software

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