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62 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend

Twilio Segment

Segment is a great choice for early-stage companies that are looking to experiment with different analytics software, and can afford scaling up Segment to $500-2k+ per month in costs. For companies/websites that require very simple analytics, like tracking conversion rates, a cheaper, less comprehensive piece of analytics software would likely be a bit more suitable.
Fedor Paretsky | TrustRadius Reviewer


Twilio Segment

  • Ease of event tracking. Just like Google Analytics, except you can warehouse your own data for a reasonable price. Warehousing your own event data is critical for companies that want to leverage data science at some point in their existence (which should be all companies these days).
  • Price. Startups can get by with the free version of Segment for a long time.
  • Integrations and sources. Segment makes it easy to warehouse other types of data such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, etc. It also allows you to send event data to 3rd party services like Google Analytics.
Tim Abraham | TrustRadius Reviewer


Twilio Segment

  • Some connectors (EG HubSpot source) do not have necessary fields/data and it's unclear how to get these built out.
  • Some destination connectors have limitations and can require rework to make the data flowing thru Segment meet the requirements of the ad connectors.
  • Not much consistency across connectors.
  • At scale, can struggle with data volumes and loading data in one sync, causing data to change retroactively.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Support Rating

Twilio Segment

Twilio Segment 8.0
Based on 11 answers
Over the period it took us to set up, we kept going back to their enablement team to help us with the setup, and they were always ready and were very helpful in the entire process. Even with their documentation, they took the time out to help us work through the process. We've never had a message/email unanswered for more than an hour on working days.
Manan Vora | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

Twilio Segment

I'm not sure these are "official competitors" (or alternatives) to Segment, but we use them in parallel for different goals. We use Datadog for logging and monitoring and we use Mixpanel to perform data analysis based on the data we gather using Segment (and other sources). I don't think we ever evaluated any other service vs. Segment. I think we got a recommendation on Segment, liked it and decided to use it (and we're happy with it since).
Yaniv Vararu | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

Twilio Segment

  • Saved a ton of time for setting up user tracking
  • Provided user data and tracking visibility to the entire team by turning on the mixpanel integration - this only took a week or so
  • It does get hard to manage all of your events in a clean spreadsheet - you must have 1 person who leads this initiative so that you keep track of events
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer


Pricing Details

Twilio Segment


Free Trial
Free/Freemium Version
Premium Consulting/Integration Services
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Starting Price

$120 per month

Twilio Segment Editions & Modules

BusinessContact Sales3
  1. Includes 1,000 visitors/mo
  2. Includes 10,000 visitors/mo
  3. Custom Volume
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