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105 Ratings
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Likelihood to Recommend

Twitter Ads

1) Getting traffic of users.2) 2nd most used platform where a number of users are higher.3) Topic related audience and targeted users.4) Tracking of users and know what they want to see and what they don't want to check.5) Gets lots of spam which is not good for advertisers too.6) The clutter of posts makes it a possibility that the users might not want to engage with your post particularly.
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Twitter Ads

  • High level of audience engagement when targeted appropriately.
  • Good blend of targeting tactics.
  • Intuitive interface for building and launching campaigns.
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Twitter Ads

  • They don't allow you to share audiences if your client has multiple accounts
  • Tweet set up is not as intuitive
  • Their creative specs are tough to read
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Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads 6.0
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The tool is ok to use, and ads are becoming more skippable on Twitter, so we are unsure as a company if it's still a good channel for direct response messaging. It does not perform as efficiently as other social platforms for lower funnel marketing. It does well for awareness campaigns that are set and forget, but optimizing for DR is not as efficient when you are trying to manage the ads on the client side.
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Alternatives Considered

Twitter Ads

Of all the social advertising options we've tried, Twitter falls somewhere in the middle - it's not as low-cost as Facebook, but not as effective for our audience either. It's more cost-effective than LinkedIn, but the targeting is not as robust. It's been a good-enough solution to make us continue putting some budget into it, but is not a main driver for us
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Return on Investment

Twitter Ads

  • Twitter Ads has made it possible for my Bank to have an increasing customer base of young working-class professionals.
  • Twitter Ads has enabled us to grow our popularity amongst young professionals between the ages of 25 - 45. Even for those who do not click on our ads and do not have any relationship with us. They are getting to know our bank and service offerings.
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Twitter Ads


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