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6 Ratings
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VisitorTrack is best used with websites that have good page/file naming conventions. You can create alerts and reports based on triggers that match certain URLs, or parts of page names. For instance, you would want to consistently name pages related to your products to contain a certain string in the file name, like domainname.com/product_XXXXXXX.html, where "product" is consistent across all your products. There are other techniques, but consistency with naming conventions will be helpful to you. No worries, their support team will help you see what you want to see.
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  • Get prompt insight to website visitors with notification email reports. You can see the website pages that people have visited, and you can have relevant conversations based on this insight.
  • The web based dashboard is nice for exploring statistics and trends, and you'll use this as well to create your reports.
  • Support is excellent. Their support team kind of reminds me of the Maytag man. I think they are just sitting there waiting to help us.
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  • I'm sorry. Can't think of any weaknesses. We love the service. If we didn't, we wouldn't have renewed for a second year.
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Alternatives Considered

We use Google Analytics to get site statistics and page flows, but detail is insufficient and you certainly won't get contact records from Google. At the end of our first year with VisitorTrack, we evaluated VisiStat in a side-by-side bakeoff. VisiStat can get very expensive quickly if you need to procure contact records for your site visitors. Based on our consumption of contact data from VisitorTrack, I estimated we'd pay twice as much or more for VisiStat... and we liked VisitorTrack's reporting capability better, and VisitorTrack offered us a renewal discount, so staying with VisitorTrack was really a no brainer.
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Return on Investment

  • VisitorTrack gives us the gift of awareness - which organization, what pages, what sequence, and when, with access to contacts (which can be filtered). We don't have to wait for someone to fill out a Contact Us form anymore. We can usually find a relevant human that visited our site before they have time to get up and use the bathroom. Thanks to VisitorTrack, our quantity of leads has probably exploded by 100 fold.
  • Our sales team members save a lot of time by making smart targeted calls instead of using junky lists sold by list hawkers.
  • We've been able to improve customer service as well because we can tell when our current customers are visiting our site, what they are looking at, and which product updates they are downloading. When we ask customers to visit a page or get content, our team can verify that the customer cooperated and orchestrate next steps.
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VisitorTrack plans start at $199