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Data center power solutions quite simply provide continual power to a data center, often with software to provide oversight and control over the electrical and power distribution infrastructure.

Data Center Power Products

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Tripp Lite SmartPro

Tripp Lite, headquartered in Chicago, offers SmartPro, a data center power solution.

Schneider Electric Smart-UPs (formerly from APC)

Smart-UPS is a data center power option from Schneider Electric, formerly from APC.

Intel Data Center Manager (Intel DCM)

Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel DCM) Console is a web-based GUI application that allows users to monitor and manage the health, power consumption, and thermal efficiency of the servers and IT devices in data center. Intel® DCM Console can be used for free with Intel Server Products…

Vertiv Liebert Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Vertiv supports improved uptime with a full range of Liebert uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and future-proof, integrated UPS systems, that will cover the backup power needs of an IT infrastructure, from small computer rooms at the network edge to enterprise and hyperscale data…

Schneider Electric Symmetra

Symmetra is an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution data center power option, from Schneider Electric.

Sunbird DCIM

Sunbird Software headquartered in New Jersey offers their DCIM Suite of applications, available a la carte, as a total DCIM suite, in an asset and capacity oriented bundle or bundled for environmental and power consumption monitoring. The suite includes tools like Asset, Capacity,…

Panduit SmartZone Power (SZ-Power)

Panduit offers SmartZone Power (SZ-Power), a data center power management solution.

Cisco RP Series Power Distribution Units

The Cisco RP Series is designed for reliable and cost-effective power distribution. These units feature remote monitoring through network communication, ±1% billing grade accuracy, an advanced LCD pixel display, IEC outlet grip plug retention, and a high operating temperature.

Belden Power Distribution & PDUs

Belden's in-cabinet-mounted Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are manufactured from high-quality components to support mission-critical applications. Belden PDUs are designed to facilitate seamless integration into Belden racks and cabinets. They include multiple mounting options for…

Vertiv Geist Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Vertiv Geist power distribution units and rack PDUs not only maintain power, but also support many challenges an IT infrastructure might face. From basic PDUs, to monitored and switched rack power distribution units, to locking receptacles, Vertiv’s solutions offer needed power…

Vertiv NetSure DC Power Systems

Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power) offers their range of holistic DC Power Systems, including the NetSure DC Power technology platform, designed to deliver innovative and dependable network-power applications, with intelligently engineered DC power, distribution, control, and…

Schneider Electric Galaxy

Schneider Electric now owns and supports the Galaxy series of uninterruptible power supplies and related Galaxy solutions, developed by MGE and acquired by Schneider Electric in 2004.

Eaton Powerware 9300 Series

The Powerware 9300 Series from Eaton is a data center power option.

Vertiv Chloride Industrial UPS Systems

The Vertiv Chloride line if industrial UPS systems specialize in problem solving in extreme environments, for a full range of mission critical industrial applications.

Gamatronic Power + UPS

Israeli company Gamatronic offers Power + UPS, a data center power solution.


LocknCharge has solutions to power mobile devices, and that help businesses and enterprises to integrate mobile technology into any environment. Their solutions can charge, store, secure, transport and manage mobile technology.

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Data center power solutions quite simply provide continual power to a data center, often with software to provide oversight and control over the electrical and power distribution infrastructure.

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