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Yo!Rent, HireHop, Current RMS, Alert Rental and Texada SRM.

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Rentle is a cloud-based rental software for equipment rental companies. The pricing of Rentle is fully commission based and doesn’t include any starting or other fixed costs so the user only pays only for usage. Typical customers of Rentle are ski resorts and other outdoor and sports…

Alert Rental

Alert Rental Software in Colorado Springs boasts installation and successful operation in hundreds of the world’s best-automated construction, general tool, and event equipment rental companies, writing millions of rental contracts annually. Alert is a rental software provider, doing…


HireHop cloud based software for hire and rental companies is from the company of the same name in London. As a cloud-based system it runs on a PC, Mac, tablet or phone using Windows, Mac OS, iPad, Android, iOS, Linux, Blackberry, or anything with a web browser.

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Mistral ERP
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Mistral ERP solution sare business solution dedicated to dealers, distributors and equipment rental companies. The ERP for sales, distribution, rental, repair, warranties, fixed assets, accounting, purchasing, etc., is available in hosted or SaaS mode.

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Sharefox is a rental software designed to help rental businesses grow and become more efficient. Sharefox supports a smooth rental and subscription experience to B2B or B2C customers. It can be used with an existing website with API or can include a complete website with all its…

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ScootAPI is a platform for managing an e-scooter fleet and rental service, supporting online transactions, customized e-scooters from partners, a mobile app, and support for the process.

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EZRentOut is a cloud based equipment rental software from the company of the same name headquartered in Carson City, that helps grow a rental business by simplifying equipment bookings, inventory management and order management.

Texada Core
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Texada Core is a simplified equipment rental business management system from Texada Software in Kitchener.

Texada SRM
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Texada SRM is an equipment rental business management solution from Texada Software in Kitchener.

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TrakRide is a software solution from Indian company Uffizio, for vehicle or equipment renting companies. It helps rental companies track rental vehicles’ arrivals/departures. Additionally, TrakRide maintains billing, generates invoices, and can produce detailed reports for analysis.…

QReserve Equipment Libraries

QReserve, headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, offers a software solution designed to simplify equipment loans and track inventory from the web or mobile device. Check-in/-out equipment with integrated barcode reader support and send automated overdue emails keep your customers informed.…

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FIT-EM is a Dynamic Equipment Management software fully embedded in SAP S/4HANA or ECC, used to maximize the market potential of assets. FIT-EM covers core processes and grants control over equipment purchase, sales, parts, services, rental, leasing operations, and OEM integrations.…

R2 Equipment Rental Software
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R2 is a configurable, rentals management software from Unique Business Systems (UBS) headquartered in Los Angeles.

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Rentrax is a Vancouver based company specialized in the development of cloud-based software as a service for sports equipment rental businesses. Rentrax's features are designed to streamline rental operations by optimizing rental and sales activities, and reducing human error.

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Learn More About Equipment Rental Software

What is Equipment Rental Software?

Equipment rental software plays an incredibly vital role in the functioning of rental-based businesses and their operations. It is mainly used to track and manage different processes throughout the business, including orders, equipment maintenance, equipment tracking, inventory, and accounting. Rental businesses rely on this software to manage their day-to-day operations.

Owning or managing a rental company requires a lot of tracking. Customers opt to rent instead of making a purchase, and the transaction is not final until the item is returned. Depending on the size of the business, there could be many different items rented at once. Tracking multiple pieces of equipment could be overwhelming, even for the hardest workers. This software assists with managing and tracking everything that needs to be returned, which takes a huge burden off the employees and managers.

This software wears many hats to ensure that rental businesses function efficiently. Aside from car rentals, most products manage different types of equipment. They help avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and are extremely useful in today’s equipment rental market.

Equipment Rental Software Features

Products share the following identifiable features:

  • Asset tracking

  • Inventory management

  • Maintenance management

  • Order management

  • Reservations management

  • Customer management

  • Employee management

  • Reporting & analytics

  • Online orders

  • Walk-in orders

  • Quick sales

  • Billing/invoicing

  • Cloud deployment options

Equipment Rental Software Comparison

When comparing products, consider these important factors:

  1. Ease of Use: Potential customers should consider the usability of each product and expect to spend time becoming familiar with the user interface. A steep learning curve may result in poor time management and less efficient production.

  2. Business Type: It’s important to note your industry before deciding on a product. Though most products can assist a variety of industries, some are more vertical-specific. For example, Booqable is suited for event services whereas Asset Panda may be a better fit for a construction equipment rental business.

  3. Business Size: Company size is another key factor to consider when choosing equipment rental software. RockSolid Max, for example, works well for businesses with less than 10 people whereas Asset Panda can handle over 200 employees. Make sure the product is suitable for the size of your business.

Pricing Information

Equipment rental software typically offers a free version with limited features. Paid subscriptions cost around $9 to $50 per month for lighter versions (ideal for small or early-stage companies), $100 to $200 per month for plus versions (suitable for medium-sized businesses), and over $200 per month for the highest premium packages (designed for large companies with many users).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does equipment rental software do?

Equipment rental software is used by equipment rental businesses to process orders, track equipment, and manage day-to-day business operations. With many orders and pieces of equipment out for rent, this software helps alleviate the stress of tracking and takes care of accounting and employee management.

What are the benefits of using equipment rental software?

Equipment rental software is extremely beneficial for businesses because it saves time on tracking and organizing. This allows managers to focus on providing exceptional customer service and improving overall efficiency.

What are the best equipment rental software products?

There are many great equipment rental software products. Some of the more popular ones include:

How much does equipment rental software cost?

Some of the vendors offer a free trial with limited features. To upgrade, look to spend around $9 to $50 a month for lighter versions, $100 to $200 a month for plus versions, and over $200 a month for the highest premium packages.