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Deltek GovWin IQ, WrkPlan ERP and Bloomberg BGOV Government Contracting.

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Deltek GovWin IQ

GovWin IQ is available for both the Federal and the State and Local Markets. GovWin IQ serves contractors that are selling to the federal government by providing the earliest awareness of new opportunities, deep planning intelligence, potential teaming partnerships, and the strategic…

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The GovCon365 app for Microsoft Dynamics is a DCAA-compliant software and cloud solution for businesses that sell, manufactures, or offer professional services to the Federal Government. The solution supports financial projects accounting, labor collection, HRIS, resource management,…

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EZGovOpps provides government contractors a software platform to find and win more contracts, in what they present as an affordable web-based government intelligence for federal contractors. EZGovOpps allows users to set up a profile using their preferred keywords, NAICS codes, place…

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Fedmine is a federal market intelligence platform used by federal agencies, prime contractors and services firms as a single database of key data points from multiple streams. The platform aggregates data from 17 federal data sources in real time, and maximizes it for relevancy in…

Federal Compass

From pipeline to strategic intelligence, Federal Compass provides a market intelligence solution for government contractors. Federal Compass aims to provide fidelity into decision making and execution, serving federal contractors ranging from small business to enterprise.

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GovTribe, from GovExec, provides software to help compete in the federal contracting market. Founded by former government contractors, GovTribe provides access to data and tools to help win contracts. GovTribe provides access to every federal contract opportunity and market profiles…

Bloomberg BGOV Government Contracting

Bloomberg Government offers their BGOV service, providing focused data sets, proprietary tools, and expert analysis to fill the user's pipeline.

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GovSpend, from the company of the same name headquartered in Boca Raton, is a database that companies can use as a spending and PO database to see the full scope of what federal, state, local, and education organizations have purchased. Companies can use the information to see which…

WrkPlan ERP
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WrkPlan is an integrated accounting and contract management suite specifically designed to support the DCAA compliance needs of government contractors and the Cost Accounting needs of any project-based business. WrkPlan is presented as a complete business solution. With integrated…

Learn More About Government Contracting Software

What is Government Contracting Software?

Government contractors use Government Contracting Software to obtain market intelligence on federal, state, and local government contracting opportunities. The software provides current information on government budgets, projects, and procurement initiatives. Vendor research combined with AI-driven software analyzes government agencies and their spending patterns to help identify the best contracting opportunities for your company. It provides insights into contracting prospects prior to official government announcements and Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

These products offer intelligence on competitors and potential business partners. Government contracting marketing intelligence solutions often include bid management and contract management features automating the creation, storage, and tracking of bids and contracts.

Government contracting software is primarily used by manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, and defense contractors.

While Government Contracting Software only helps provide intelligence to obtain the contract. Afterward, other systems such as Contract Management Software or Enterprise Resource Planning Software can be used to help if the management, fulfillment, or execution of the contract.

Government Contracting Software Features

Government Contracting Software includes many of the following features.

  • Identification of contracting opportunities, advance leads, lead qualification
  • Market research, breaking news
  • Government agency budgeting and spending data
  • Government contract histories
  • Agency research, profile, and contact database
  • Partner intelligence, identification of partner opportunities, and partner promotion
  • Competitor research, competitor contract history
  • Bid alerts and notifications are driven by contracting history, expertise, and location
  • Bid management
  • Contract management
  • Pipeline tracking and management
  • Collaboration and workflow tools
  • Team performance data
  • AI, analytics, forecasting, opportunity, contract, and trend analysis
  • Dashboards and search
  • Security
  • Compliance management
  • Integrations with CRMs, APIs
  • Cloud, SaaS, web-based, mobile access

Government Contracting Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing Government Contracting Software.

Scope: Advanced government contracting software offers a wide range of features and tools. Depending on your needs, scaled-down solutions are available that only address government bid or contract management functions.

Use Case: Some government contracting software will only support Federal government contracts and grants. Others offer add-on components that address SLED (State, Local, and Education) contracting opportunities. A few can support both U.S. and Canadian government contracts.

Integrations: Evaluate how readily your selection integrates with your existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Vendor products are offered that easily integrate with Salesforce. ERP solutions are available that are specifically designed for government contractors.

Pricing Information

Government Contracting Software pricing is driven by its features and the number of users. Basic products start at $60 a month per user. More advanced solutions begin at around $2,000 a year and can exceed $6,000 a year. Enterprise-scale solutions with premium features usually require a vendor quote. Free trials are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Government Contracting Software do?

Government Contracting Software provides information and analytics on government budgets, spending patterns, projects, procurement, and contracts. Government contractors use this data to obtain timely knowledge of relevant contract opportunities and to optimize their contract bidding. It includes intelligence on contract business partners and company competitors.

What are the benefits of using Government Contracting Software?

Government Contracting Software provides a competitive advantage, identifies the best opportunities, and informs strategic planning. The software helps refine contract targeting and bidding, promoting the more efficient use of company finances and resources. It expedites bid responsiveness and improves bid quality.

How much does Government Contracting Software cost?

Government Contracting Software begins at $60 a month per user for basic products, rising to over $6,000 a month and more for advanced solutions depending on the number of users. Free trials are available.