Industrial IoT Solutions


Industrial IoT Solutions Overview

What are Industrial IoT Solutions?

Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solutions are devices that interconnect with computers, allowing for easy data collection and exchange. This makes it easy to manage devices remotely, analyze device performance, and collect data from the device as it works. Many businesses also use industrial IoT solutions to automate equipment in their business for mass production.

Industrial IoT is often confused with normal IoT tools. The distinction between the two solutions is primarily scale. Normal IoT solutions are built for consumer devices that are often used in homes, while Industrial IoT is built for enterprise level needs, and can connect a large number of devices.

Industrial IoT Features & Capabilities

Industrial IoT often provides specialized features for specific industries, but below are some of the features that are offered by most industrial IoT solutions.

  • Device connection

  • Remote device management

  • Production digitization

  • Data analytics

Industrial IoT Comparison

When considering an industrial IoT solution, consider some of the following factors of each industrial IoT offering.

  1. Specialized Features: Some industrial IoT solutions specialize in specific industries or for specific functionalities. If you want to user an industrial IoT solution for something like automating production, you should be sure to choose a solution that offers many automation features.

  2. Company Size: For small companies with fewer devices that need to be connected, and industrial IoT solution might be overkill. Consumer IoT solutions can be a cheaper alternative for small businesses.

  3. Device Compatibility: Some legacy devices are difficult to integrate into and industrial IoT solution. If you have many older devices, be sure to check that they will work with whatever IoT solution you settle on before you purchase it.

Industrial IoT Pricing Information

Pricing for Industrial IoT solutions is highly dependent on the size of the business and the feature needs of the organization. Most vendors don’t offer fully transparent pricing, so businesses should expect to reach out to vendors for exact pricing details.

Industrial IoT Products

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ThingWorx is an IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) development platform acquired by PTC in 2014 and merged with Axeda Machine Cloud in the same year, to expand PTC's development offerings.
Hitachi Lumada
Hitachi Vantara offers Hitachi Lumada, an Internet of Things management and analytics platform.
HPE Universal IoT Platform
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise offers the HPE Universal IoT Platform, a software platform designed to connect to heterogenous edge devices, IoT gateways, sensors, and other machines to provide M2M compatibility and support for a range of smart device applications and purposes.
Accenture IoT
Accenture IoT is an industrial IoT solution allowing for the management, tracking, and connection of many business devices.