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What is Apptio Targetprocess?

Targetprocess is an agile management platform that accelerates enterprise agile transformation by articulating the value of workstreams and aligning organizations around overall business strategies (e.g., OKRs) using graphical reports, Kanban boards, and analytics dashboards. Now a part of Apptio, Targetprocess...
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Labor Integration

9 out of 10
November 17, 2022
It articulates different processes and facilitates the scope of projects on a large scale through better management and work organization. …
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On Target!

8 out of 10
July 06, 2020
We use TargetProcess across our entire organization. We currently use it for requirements and bug tracking but are starting to expand into …
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How Apptio Targetprocess Differs From Its Competitors

Agile Transformation

Clearly within its main functions, the optimization of teamwork stands out, it provides the right tools that allow the exchange of ideas and functions to put together a collaborative and very well-integrated work, we confirm that it facilitates various processes and contributes to significantly …
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Agile Transformation

Apptio, more than a platform for centralizing operations, has become an open window to increase our possibilities, our work performance and even the productivity of the work team. It has been useful for us to harmonize the work team, organize and manage the workload, evaluation through …
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Agile Transformation

Apptio Targetprocess has been our solution for all of our agile teams. When they are launched, they move/create their work in the tool and are able to get working in an agile way more easily with a good way to visualize their work and functionality like burndowns and customizable reports and views …
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Agile Transformation

Apptio Targetprocess is key to the adoption of agile practices and is utilized by our Scrum Masters. We are still in the process of reconfiguring Apptio Targetprocess as well as some of our other systems and processes. Having insight into the competing demands on resources helps significantly with …
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Complete Solution

Targetprocess is a hit-and-miss when it comes to integration. On one hand, most features are very well built and integrated with each other, which is what you need from a full a project management software. Their reporting and analytics engine is great and gives you a granular view of all …
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Agile Adoption with Targetprocess

We were already following agile methodology but Targetprocess helped smoothing some of the remaining silos we had internally. This led to better collaboration, more transparent projects, better traceability overall and helped us improve delivery times. However we did not find Targetprocess …
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What is Apptio Targetprocess?

Targetprocess is an agile management platform that accelerates enterprise agile transformation by articulating the value of workstreams and aligning organizations around overall business strategies (e.g., OKRs) using graphical reports, Kanban boards, and analytics dashboards. Now a part of Apptio,…

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Targetprocess — the go-to tool for organizations that are scaling agile.
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Product Details

What is Apptio Targetprocess?

Targetprocess, now a part of Apptio, is an Agile portfolio management tool that accelerates an organization's agile transformation. Designed to help medium to large-sized companies adopt and scale agile, Apptio Targetprocess articulates the value of work streams, aligns organizations around overall business strategies (e.g., OKRs), and integrates and supports popular frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS and other custom scaled agile frameworks. Apptio Targetprocess boasts a comprehensive set of agile management features that aim to address the needs across of Product Managers & Owners, Portfolio and Agile PMO Leaders, Release Train Engineers and Business Leaders:

  • Capture and prioritize enterprise-wide idea management
  • Define OKRs and strategic themes and connect them to different work streams
  • Create and manage portfolio-level Kanban boards to rank and track Epic-level work
  • Support lean budgeting with accurate rates and costs and participatory budgeting


  • Create Solution Roadmaps and Program Backlogs
  • Manage increment cadence and schedules across products and teams
  • Synchronize deliverables and balance capacity across products and teams
  • Create and manage Program Increments (SAFe) both in-person as well as remotely by providing visibility, insight and relevant data/metrics for all participants


  • Support Scrum, Kanban, XP, Spotify and other Team-level tools like Jira and Azure DevOps
  • Evolve and groom story/work backlogs
  • Spot bottlenecks and blocked work items to optimize flow of work
  • Support and capture results of planning and retrospective events


  • Expansive solution library and flexible object model
  • Detailed standard reports
  • Powerful custom reporting

For organizations navigating the transition from project-centric to product-centric operating models, Targetprocess combines with Apptio's IT financial management platform to track the full investment and ROI of the innovation process.

Apptio Targetprocess Features

  • Supported: Scale Agile with Governance
  • Supported: Measure Value Across the Enterprise
  • Supported: Connect Strategy to Execution

Apptio Targetprocess Screenshots

Screenshot of Portfolio-level dashboardScreenshot of Product leader dashboard

Apptio Targetprocess Video

Targetprocess — the go-to tool for organizations that are scaling agile.

Apptio Targetprocess Integrations

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Apptio Targetprocess Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions

Targetprocess is an agile management platform that accelerates enterprise agile transformation by articulating the value of workstreams and aligning organizations around overall business strategies (e.g., OKRs) using graphical reports, Kanban boards, and analytics dashboards. Now a part of Apptio, Targetprocess supports popular agile frameworks including Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and LeSS and integrates with PPM & ALM tools and additional financial data, to inform investment decisions, optimize resources, and track value.

Atlassian Jira Align, Agility, and Planview AgilePlace are common alternatives for Apptio Targetprocess.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.1.

The most common users of Apptio Targetprocess are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees) and the Information Technology & Services industry.
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November 17, 2022

Labor Integration

Corina Frishman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It articulates different processes and facilitates the scope of projects on a large scale through better management and work organization. It allows us to integrate different work groups from all departments and join forces to achieve common goals, this is a weapon to improve communication and collaborative work. It allows us to raise awareness of the process and be present at each stage of it, evaluating every detail that may be going well and others that may have possible improvements. The integrations of the platform complement a whole and allow you to focus on complementary meetings in a single tool through a wide, flexible and completely comfortable interface. We have been implementing Apptio to get personalized reports that provide us with a summary of the data, in addition to eliminating once and for all blockages in the workflow.
  • It is a fairly flexible tool, it contributes with the contribution of different frameworks for better work performance, such as Kanban, Scrum or SAFe boards, thus being a platform that integrates the entire work team into a single line of work, correctly adjusted and comfortable in all the scopes.
  • Detailed reports and extensive customization, the degree of attention to this is surprising and how it has been useful for us to adjust everything as we need it, this gives us better data visibility and a more suitable adjustment for information management.
  • Perhaps the number of APIs it can have can be seen as a disadvantage, but I feel that this is not entirely true, because the set of integrations it has complements the work perfectly without having so many others that are unnecessary.
  • With long-term projects it can become too tedious, it can be overwhelming and demanding, although the process makes things a bit easier, having control of each aspect is quite overwhelming.
Bear in mind that every advantage brings disadvantages, it is a complete platform that can take commercial management in your organization to the next level, to better carry out a timeline and monitor life cycles, this and light automations through simple adjustments Although, the interface can become too dense and this will cause one or another problem, nothing that has no solution.
Cristian Olson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We find this platform a perfect complement, in conjunction with its other licenses, it is possible to make the ideal link to capture a space that enables us to enhance our work. It completely centralizes all the work, allows us to divide all our work by departments and hierarchies, assign tasks and create a time line for the scope of our projects. In the same way, it provides us with the ease of being able to integrate financial reports, evaluate budgets and thus unify the financial sector, thus creating the perfect link to render accounts and capture this information linked to different commercial projects that we have and that this analysis is necessary for the development of labor costs. Without a doubt, it gives us that clarity when working as a team, where each individual individually fulfills his responsibilities, we magnify work performance and centralize all information for greater work agility.
  • The assignment of tasks has been adapted to what we have needed and allows us to adjust everything according to our daily requirements.
  • It allows us to cover a lot of space, make a complete timeline, distribute the workload and be more detailed when processing everything necessary for a project.
  • The highly customizable reports are part of an excellent and very useful feature to evaluate our performance and thus be part of the construction of new work strategies.
  • The customer support is friendly and attentive to find the solutions that best suit the search for quick and easy resolutions.
  • Our only drawback is the permissions when assigning the tasks, I wish they could be provisional or that the adjustment capacity was much more efficient.
Apptio is a friendly tool that centralizes in a single bubble everything you need to work and makes your time start to have a real value, each step you take is significant and your final product is studied and worked on in much more detail than before.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Apptio Targetprocess for all of our agile teams as well as multiple teams who have seen the tool and have asked to track their work in it also. We use Apptio Targetprocess as our source of truth for all our IT work. All IT related initiatives or epics are kept and updated here for us to provide transparency to the IT leadership group about the current state, trials, and tribulations, etc. We have employees around the globe using the tool. Apptio Targetprocess helps provide transparency to the work around the globe and allows our global team members to work better together. Prior to implementing Apptio Targetprocess, we had worked in so many different places and applications. This tool has made a huge difference in allowing everyone to understand the work that is in progress and what still to be done; having one place to go to see everyone's work has made a big difference to our team members and stakeholders alike.
  • Extremely flexible: We are able to setup work for different groups in ways that work best for them.
  • Fantastic support group: They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I enjoy working with them.
  • Automation: Their automation capabilities have saved us a lot of time.
  • Customizing screens: We can go into code for the different entities, move fields around or hide them, add tabs or additional sections as needed to make for a streamlined user experience.
  • Reporting: Their reporting is flexible and phenomenal. There are so many different ways to pull data and the interface is easy to use.
  • Their user guide is well built and extremely helpful.
  • Permissions could be easier to manage. They work well but can take time to modify if you need to change someone's role across many projects.
Overall, I think the tool could be utilized for most groups wanting to track their work. It provides functionality that can be customized to meet the needs of multiple groups within the same org. You do not need to be an agile group to use the tool. The only group that I could see having struggles using the tool are those running strict waterfall processes and expect all the same functionality offered by Microsoft Project.
Jarrod Meyer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use this app for all internal project management and user support. This includes product development, IT operations, request fulfillment, and incident management.
  • Project management
  • Inter-entity relations
  • Custom views and reports
  • Servicedesk
Targetprocess is well suited to project management and IT operations
The UI is intuitive and consistent. The complexity of the app means there is a steep learning curve though, but it is well worth putting in the effort to get the most out of the tool. We have some team members who are learning new ways of doing things after 1-2 years of working in Targetprocess.
Every question we had about implementation or system bugs has been answered promptly and professionally, with support staff usually going above and beyond what would be expected.
We use the hosted version of Targetprocess and have never run into limitations or degraded performance due to scalability. Excellent performance over 7 years!
January 27, 2022

Apptio Targetprocess

Judy Forrister | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Apptio Targetprocess for project management as software developers. It is a great tool for managing scrums and assigning tasks, amongst other things. We can also track budgets and time. Apptio Targetprocess enables us to create a variety of views and reports so that we can track our projects and hold all information in one place.
  • Relating tasks to projects
  • Tracking budget when configured to do so
  • Tracking time v estimated effort
  • Apptio Targetprocess lacks the ability to assign test runs to individuals
  • Some views can be difficult to configure for some users
  • Apptio Targetprocess is only as good as its users
Apptio Targetprocess is great for providing an overview of project progression. The use of Features, User Stories, and Tasks allow projects to be broken down and assigned to the correct specialists. The help desk function means that bugs and Change Requests enter the system seamlessly. I also do the configuration for Apptio Targetprocess and find most of the work I need to do fairly intuitive.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Targetprocess is used for general project management and agile task management. The software support multiple agile methodologies to great extent and is primarily targeted at companies willing to follow the standard concepts closely. We use it to manage larger projects and follow them on various aspects: user stories, tasks, time tracking, issues...
  • Lego-oriented - you build the tool the way you want it to work.
  • Support all agile frameworks (Scrum, SaFe, etc.).
  • Great customer support from the product team.
  • Definitely not user-friendly, painful onboarding.
  • Limited API capabilities with frustrating rules.
  • Weak testing features (issues, test plans, etc.).
Targetprocess is really recommended for companies that are already mature with agile and want to take it to the next step. You can truly build your workflows and automated rules the way your teams need them, there is almost no limits to what you can customize. However it also has a very frustrating user interface and some performance issues.
July 06, 2020

On Target!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TargetProcess across our entire organization. We currently use it for requirements and bug tracking but are starting to expand into marketing requirements and the help desk. We will soon be tying it into a CRM and will use it for our entire product life cycle. More than anything we were looking for a tool that does almost everything and this fits the bill.
  • Basic flexibility out of the box is a big advantage for a small company without resources to customize, as is needed for some of the larger competitors.
  • The support is second to none. They've even written custom TP queries to get me what I want.
  • They have managed to cover all the basics of product development in one product, in particular, the inclusion of customer support (although limited) is a big selling point for a small company.
  • I don't like the view concept versus just doing search queries to see what you want.
  • The basic test process stuff is there, but they are missing things like re-use of steps and iteration tracking.
  • The lack of adding and customizing entities is probably the biggest miss, but I understand this is in the works.
I've customized large ALM solutions before to get what TargetProcess offers out of the box. It is a great tool for companies that lack resources to dedicate a person to customization, or just those that don't want to. It is not appropriate for a company that has specific needs that require customization, like tracking requirements to tests in a written format as required by certain certifications, like FDA.
They are quick to respond and go out of their way to get you an answer. They will also vote for enhancement on your behalf and help create queries to get the views you need.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TargetProcess is the tool we use to organize and track our work. We work in a highly Agile environment and TargetProcess supports our workflow very well. Particular strengths of TargetProcess are:

  • that it is highly customizable so individuals can build views that give them the information that they want,
  • the rapid development of new features by the team,
  • the responsiveness of the support team.
However, the ability to customize views does come with a learning curve and it helps to have someone providing some standard views so that the team can always use these to have a shared understanding of the project's work.
  • Level of customization of views.
  • Well supported with new releases.
  • Responsive support team.
  • The customization of views can mean that different people are viewing data differently but setting up standard views helps.
TargetProcess is well suited to Agile development teams from small to large teams. It is perhaps less well suited to work that is more rigid such as art production for a video game.
TargetProcess' support is one of its strengths. The support team is very responsive and helpful when there is a problem but they're also proactive in providing good release notes and engaging with the community through a voting scheme to influence the priority of new features.

The team also releases new versions frequently with new features but with no knock-ons to currently working features.
Martha Batruny | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TargetProcess is a wonderful product which is frequently used by the whole organization. Powerful visualization of my workflow is no more than a blessing because it allows me to have a perfect distraction-free overview of my projects. Moreover, the ability of this software to drill down or scale-up is quite astonishing in order to get details from each and every level of the hierarchy in just a few minutes. Moreover, the timeline feature is making my activities and time tracking abilities more enhanced and effective as well.
  • It enables me to consolidate silos of data into a useful pattern without any hesitation.
  • Web-based administrators of this application allow me to do field level mapping in a significant way.
  • It lets us use graphical and custom reports to pinpoint certain trends and also am able to forecast performance.
  • Every feature in this amazing application is of unique importance and also quite friendly in nature that doesn’t consume a lot of time and energy as well.
  • For me, there is nothing to take care of in this specific application only sometimes it shows errors while updating but that’s not a big deal.
TargetProcess is absolutely a wonderful product. I would really like to suggest it to my colleagues because it is a huge helper in daily workflow and also amazing enough to carry on my projects. Moreover, the affordability of the product is the most useful feature that enables me to work on it and also helps me in order to improve the collaboration power among my teammates.
I gave this rating because I am totally satisfied with the whole services it offers. I never face any hindrance while using this auspicious tool. I would say because of its wonderful features it deserves more than this rating.
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