Brainshark is a video presentation platform for sales enablement. - Enabling businesses of all sizes to more effectively create and mange their important and actionable contentWe have an in depth understanding of the technology and work with leading retailers, wholesalers and packaged goods organizations to implement and more effectively utilize Brainshark. We typically address changing how a client creates and sends important and actionable content throughout their organization as well as to their customers.,Easy to use and create content - we can get a basic PPT user up and running in less than an hour. Excellent tool to create a product library quickly and effectively so it can accessed by your employees through their easy to set up searchable content portal. If you are a SFDC user Brainshark is an excellent tool to create and manage sales, marketing and training content... and Brainshark easily connects to your SFDC platform,Brainshark has addressed a number of feature enhancements over the past two really performs at a high level on a consistent basis... Ocassionally we run into a large video file >500mb that we have to address directly with support but it does not happen very often...,9,Since we implement how Brainshark is used we have found several areas where it has a significant impact...the first is the ability for any three step distributor to build a supplier / manufacturer content library that can be utilized by their B2B sales group Brainshark's survey and question tools are an excellent way to solicit feedback from both internal and external audiences... Brainshark is a cost effective way for retailers and wholesalers to manage store and field level operations...,,3,3,10,Implemented in-house,10,10,10,10,10Brainshark ReviewWe are about to start our 3rd year using Brainshark. What I like best about the product is that it allows me to pull in a variety of different media to quickly assemble marketing, sales, or training decks and distribute it across a variety of media and devices. You can track who watched and how many times your presentation was watched through their tracking service. I am also able to see where people are dropping out of presentations so you can make the proper adjustments and hold the customers attention. I produce a lot of videos for marketing, sales, and implementation and I love how I can update a videos/slide decks without having to change the URL. The presentations can be copied and edited and I can easily reuse and amend content for different audiences. The customer service and on-boarding is great and allows you to quickly get up to speed so you can start producing content for your internal or external users. They never stop releasing new features and now they are becoming content providers for sales and onboarding training.,You can Track who watched and how many times your presentation was watched through their tracking service. Customer service is outstanding. They will walk you through any difficulties you encounter. They are always working and expanding the product to give me ways to engage with my audience,They need to add closed captions to their player... using slide notes as a caption is not acceptable. Its been 3 yrs since I brought this up. They favor Apple products, I use droid and it seems like the droid app doesn't get the attention of the apple app. Pricing is a little steep compared to competitors,9,I can now track over 15,000 views to our marketing and help videos. This allows me to determine where customer pain points are located in our program I am now able to determine the area the sales team needs the most training but giving simple quick quizzes I can track views down to the ISP number and know when a video is shared internally in an office, letting the sales rep know that there is a lot of interest.,,3,No,10,No,Yes, Courtney who on-boarded me was fantastic. She answered my questions even after the on-boarding period ended. If she were still there I would still go directly to her. She had endless product knowledge and great ideas I could use to help create the best content.,9Brainshark Training Presentations Increase Efficiencies.We are using Brainshark for a number of different reasons. In our HR/Payroll Services area we are using it for new employee orientation, directions for registering for different tools that are available to employees, and for training in different payroll-related areas. Our Center for University Learning is using it for continuing education purposes. In the near future we will be developing even more videos to be used as "toolboxes"for managers to assist them in their management duties.,Tracks those who view the video and how much of the video they viewed Allows the video to skip to different areas based on responses from the viewer Provides Q&A ability so that viewers may be quizzed, and required to supply correct answers to continue if needed.,The only thing that I have struggled with occasionally is embedding video into a split-screen presentation.,9,Increased positive results from new employees who are not experiencing delays in registering for their user services due to the online training Better customer service as it relates to payroll due to the training being given to administrative assistants across campus. Able to be compliant with State requirements regarding Ethics Training,None,5,10,9,10Come over to the Sharkie side!At our company, Brainshark is used by different departments within our organization. In Learning and Development, we primarily use Brainshark for assessments. It allows us to make content available over the internet to our various training locations around the globe. We use it to measure learner knowledge after instructor led courses and workshops. We also use Brainshark to deliver annual refresher/acknowledgements where instructor led courses are not available/practical.,Brainshark does assessments well! It has greatly evolved over the past 4 years and it is a much better product today. We have a standard template we use for the beginning pages of all our presentations, so it is important that the uploading of PowerPoints and replication is simple - and we have that with Brainshark. We also use the Guestbook (registration by employees) to track new hire progress, security, and expiration dates and it is very easy to set up. Brainshark allows for ease of locating previously created items and run reports: A Brainshark "presentation" is each unique entry and it is easy to track each Course, Assessment, CBT, Simulation, Video, Module, etc. and also run customized reporting on each presentation. Brainshark allows for simple reordering of slides within each presentation: After importing new information or creating additional slides, a simple drag-n-drop process of moving slides around is a quick and easy way to change the order within a presentation.,Brainshark doesn't allow for editing another author's presentations: When working in a global L&D department, attrition, time of day, vacations, holidays, and a plethora of other reasons arise to edit/revise another author's work. In Brainshark, there is no simple way to share created presentations, like you do with the MS Office suite. Brainshark doesn't allow for guest reporting: When we have team leaders or trainers who are not "authors" need to run reports on a particular presentation, the actual presentation author must run the report for them. Brainshark doesn't permanently archive (only made "not visible" and doesn't appear in searches): However, clicking a link to an archived presentation will reactivate it. If there is an link to archived presentation in older materials, and if the link is clicked, the course will become available once again. Note: there is a warning box that appears when an archived link is clicked but not all users respond appropriately.,8,We have faster reporting turn around on our assessments and more efficient at student reporting (the people managers are happy) We are better at creating uniform look and feel of all our presentations (the "branding" department is happy) We can train the authors/instructional designers up to speed quickly on how to use the application (the training department is happy),,8,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,10,Yes,We are trying out a new software that resides on our server, that requires connecting BrainShark as the front end, and then connecting to the simulation software on our server via a hyperlink. We also needed to pass the guest book information to track specific users to our server. They worked our other software and figured out how to pass information to achieve the end result. Kudos!,Importing Slides from other "outside" sources Creating assessment questions within the application Setting back end info that directly impacts users such as: passwords, unique hyperlinks, certificates of completion,You have to set the timing of each slide independently - there is not master "default" time you can set. Passwords in the backend setup appear as circles/stars once created. Would like it if the option was to SHOW the actual password to the designer if needed. Would be nice if different designers could edit each other's work, like you can with just about any other product. With BS, only the original author has the ability to edit/update that presentation. Yes, someone with higher permissions can change the author to a new author if needed, but that is a hassle when you have a team of Instructional Designers who share work. Even if BS would have a checkbox to choose if you want to allow someone other than the original author to edit, that would be fine too. With designer sick leave, vacation or attrition, it is just an unnecessary hassle that could be easily avoided.,Yes, but I don't use it,10Brain Dump about BrainsharkCurrently, Brainshark is being used almost exclusively by our marketing department. However, we just renewed our contract to a full enterprise audience and have heard interest from other groups who would like to use it for internal training. Within marketing, we are basically using it as a way to quickly generate presentations with audio and distribute the content to our clients (financial advisors). In the past we'd need to work with a design team to develop slides with audio and get it posted for distribution. Brainshark allows a non-technical, non-design person to use a templated presentation and produce usable content quickly. We primarily use it for commentary updates from portfolio managers, but have also created more elaborate marketing messages as well.,Fast production time - if you want to avoid a large-scale effort, but would like audio with slides, this is about as simple as it can get. Metrics - because we use Brainshark as a marketing tool, we can use metrics to track the success of the message. The ability to drill down to individual user, how much they viewed and location is nice. Media Options - The tool allows use of PPT, audio, PDF, video and more that I'm sure I'm forgetting. It seems like it can display/play most files you throw at it.,Animation Editing - We found that once you start attempting complex animations, the minor differences between how they render and are supported often make us choose to produce video for highly graphic presentations. Campaign Development - They used to have a rudimentary campaign functionality, which was removed. What we'd really like is the ability for us to record one of our experts and then splice in all our sales people so it appears they are the ones doing the interview. That would be very beneficial, but currently it has to be done manually. File sizes - We have occasionally had issues with videos not playing/loading smoothly even though they were smaller than the recommended file sizes.,7,Client satisfaction - we send out summaries of our big webcasts/conference calls via Brainshark. We've received lots of replies stating they love the format because they can consume the information on their own time. Time to market - before Brainshark, it took several days, if not weeks to work with a design team to get professional-looking summaries available. Now, we have the process down to a day or two.,prezi,8,75,1,Marketing message sent to clients Conference call summary Internal training,We spliced together audio from multiple sales people so it appeared they were interviewing one of our content experts.,More internal training and e-learning. We haven't used all the functionality they have to offer in this area.,6
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68 Ratings
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Score 8.4 out of 101
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February 25, 2015

"Brainshark Review"

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I have never walked away without a answer and a explanation. That doesn't always mean I am satisfied with the answer but every company/product has limitations.
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February 12, 2016

Brainshark Review: "Come over to the Sharkie side!"

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We've found a few glitches and needed some branding updated. Each time we've called, they were super responsive and cared about my issue as much as I did! They've even helped me (and another vendor) figure out how to have this other outside software integrate with theirs to achieve an even greater presentation. I'm super impressed with their Customer Service people.
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Brainshark sales readiness software equips businesses with the training, coaching and content creation capabilities to achieve sales mastery and outsell the competition. With Brainshark, companies can: prepare sales teams with on-demand training that accelerates onboarding and keeps reps up-to-speed; validate readiness with sales coaching that ensures reps master your message; and empower sales organizations with rich, dynamic content that can be created quickly and accessed anywhere. Thousands of companies – including more than half of the Fortune 100 – rely on Brainshark to identify and close performance gaps, and get better results from their sales enablement initiatives.

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