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Gong helps people and companies reach their potential. The Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™ enables customer-facing teams to take advantage of their most valuable assets – customer interactions, which the Gong platform automatically captures and analyzes. Gong then delivers insights…

Chorus by ZoomInfo

Chorus by ZoomInfo is an AI-powered Conversation Intelligence platform that captures & analyzes all customer engagements across phone calls, video meetings, and email, to help teams hit their number.

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Gong helps people and companies reach their potential. The Gong Revenue Intelligence Platform™ enables customer-facing teams to take advantage of their most valuable assets – customer interactions, which the Gong platform automatically captures and analyzes. Gong then delivers insights…

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Chorus by ZoomInfo

Chorus by ZoomInfo is an AI-powered Conversation Intelligence platform that captures & analyzes all customer engagements across phone calls, video meetings, and email, to help teams hit their number.

Clari Copilot

Clari Copilot helps revenue teams win revenue-critical moments. Clari Copilot’s conversation intelligence platform gives reps and managers tools to compete, spot revenue leak, and close deals. It offers: Real-time battlecards and monologue alerts, so reps can navigate objections…


Brainshark is a video presentation platform for sales enablement, now from BIgTinCan (acquired August 2021).


Mediafly Intelligence360, based on InsightSquared's solution acquired by Mediafly in 2021, is a sales analytics and development platform that also supports demand generation analytics and SaaS reporting. It is designed for providing insights into sales processes, closing rates, pipeline…

Allego Sales Enablement Platform

Allego, headquartered in Waltham, provides sales enablement with a rep-centric platform designed to ensure that sellers have the skills, knowledge, and content they need to optimize team success in a virtual world. In place of traditional training and content enablement tactics, Allego…


MindTickle is a sales training platform. It has features for onboarding, product training, coaching and ongoing performance checks that helps companies to prepare their sales teams and partners. The vendor says their solution allows companies to do this in a scalable and effective…

Dialpad Ai Sales Center

Dialpad Ai Sales (formerly Dialpad Sell) is a phone system built for sales boasting real-time coaching & CRM integrations. The communications platform includes support for real-time sales coaching and call analytics, Voice Intelligence with objection handling, call sentiment analysis…

Zoom Revenue Accelerator

Zoom Revenue Accelerator , the evolution of Zoom IQ, is a conversation intelligence tool, available for users of Zoom Meetings.


SalesHood headquartered in San Francisco offers their sales enablement tool which contains sales learning and coaching modules, content management with best practice features and guidance as well as to improve collaboration between marketing and sales, and also sales content analytics.…

11 (formerly RingDNA ) is presented as a "sales acceleration engine" for inside sales teams using Salesforce. According to the vendor, its Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce aims to help outbound sales reps use to make more calls, connect with up to 400% more prospects,…


Spiky uses the power of AI to gain insights into how well a meeting is going, identify areas for improvement, and determine the path of improvement.Use Cases: Leverages customer insights to prioritize the needs and reactions of the customers to increase sales performance.Faster training.…

worxogo Nudge Coach

worxogo nudge coach helps build high performing Sales, Customer support and Backoffice teams using Behavior science and AI. It acts like a sellers'/ agents' personal productivity coach, that analyzes how each employee is doing, understands their individual playbook and also what…


Demodesk is designed to provide in-call assistance, meeting insights, and automated scheduling to help sales development representatives manage prospects and close deals.


Ambition is a sales gamification software solution offered by Ambition Inc.


Bigtincan is a mobile content sales enablement platform, designed to make accessing and presenting content easier for salespeople. Marketers can create logic to recommend content for salespeople to share with prospects on their mobile device, based on the stage of the deal. Then…


Koncert is a B2B Sales Engagement platform with over 12 years focusing on B2B sales dialer technology innovation. Koncert’s power dialer platforms leverage AI to enable more conversations and pipeline. The sales activity of manually dialing each prospect is now enhanced with automation…

Revenue Grid

Revenue Grid is an AI Guided Selling platform that nudges sales teams with step-by-step guidance towards actions that bring the best results, shows deals at risk, and prioritizes tactics with the greatest impact. Guided Selling is a new concept in B2B selling that focuses on the…


Observe.AI, a provider of Contact Center AI in San Francisco, supports customer experiences and agent performance by helping to analyze interactions, extract sentiment insights and streamline workflows. With Observe.AI, businesses transcribe interactions to coach agents while gaining…


Jiminny helps commercial teams maximize their revenue through conversation intelligence. Jiminnycan record, transcribe and analyze conversations, giving users access to customer insights and full visibility into performance. Jiminny also helps to turn great sales leaders into great…


Balto is a real-time guidance tool for contact centers from Balto Software in St.Louis. Balto provides sales managers a way for to coach call rep behaviors at scale, maintain quality, and know what's working and what's not. Balto offers dynamic prompts, listens to both sides of a…


SalesScreen aims to help teams boost engagement, motivation and performance on key activities by aligning task completion with rewards, celebrations and recognition in real-time. SalesScreen offers a toolbox that includes leaderboards, contests, event celebrations, data visualization,…


AmplifAI is a workforce engagement and performance acceleration platform for sales and service teams, from the company of the same name headquartered in Richardson, TX.

Showpad Coach (LearnCore)

Showpad Coach (formerly LearnCore) is a corporate-focused learning management software solution developed by VLinks Media and acquired by Showpad June 2018.


Flockjay is a sales enablement platform for sales teams used to improve the performance and workflows of their sales teams' with a single platform for content and learning management. The platform gives sales teams the ability to ramp quicker through peer-to-peer learning, crowd-…

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Learn More About Sales Coaching Software

What is Sales Coaching Software?

Sales coaching software provides direct feedback to sales reps and managers about how to improve overall rep performance. Many sales coaching platforms record, analyze, and provide insights on audio and video sales calls. For example, the software can identify how much time each participant spent talking during the call, the next steps offered by the sales rep, and provide insight into what deal stage and account is in.

Most sales coaching platform vendors now offer AI-based call intelligence and suggestions. This may take the form of AI-recommended rep improvement opportunities, important moments within the call, level of deal risk, and ideal next steps.

Typically, sales coaching software vendors provide customers with a certain amount of cloud storage space for previous calls. The recordings are then tagged with the corresponding rep information for easy access later on. This can be helpful for sales reps or managers that want to go back and listen to a call again, either to learn from it or gather account information.

Sales Coaching Goals

The overall goal of sales coaching software is to help train sales reps to be more productive and efficient on calls, follow best practices, and identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities in real-time. These platforms are designed for use by sales reps and sales managers alike. Some software products within this category, such as and have solutions available for other revenue-driving teams as well, such as marketing and customer success/service.

Sales Coaching Software Features

Most sales coaching software will offer the following features:

  • Sales call/meeting recording

  • Shareable meeting recordings/call snippets

  • Call/meeting transcription

  • Speaker identification

  • Deal/account health metrics

  • Meeting intelligence

  • AI-based recommendations

  • Cloud storage space for call recordings

  • Integrations with online meeting software

  • Integrations with calendar software

  • Integrations with CRM systems

Sales Coaching Platforms Comparison

There are multiple sales coaching software options available, so consider these key factors before deciding which one to purchase:

  1. Focus of the tool: are you looking for a sales-specific coaching tool or one that all your revenue-driving teams can use? Certain sales coaching platforms are designed primarily for sales managers and reps to use, while others have other use cases too.

  2. Ease of use: how frequently will your sales reps be using the tool? If the answer is ‘all the time!’, then make sure the new tool you’re purchasing is user friendly enough for your reps to become comfortable with it. As many sales managers and leaders know, a difficult to use sales tool is unlikely to be adopted across the sales team. Signing up for a free trial of a few different solutions is a great way to get a feel for the overall usability level of a given product.

Pricing Information

Prices vary from product to product, depending on the number of users included in the license and the range of features included in the platform. Most vendors do not publicly disclose pricing information on their website but will provide more information on request.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sales coaching software do?

Sales coaching software records and analyzes sales calls to help provide sales reps with customized feedback and coaching. These tools can be used to help train new reps, keep track of rep performance while on calls, identify high-performing reps, see how well best practices are being followed, etc.

Individual reps can also go back and use call recordings and transcriptions to listen to calls later. Sales managers can use dashboards and metrics provided by these tools to get an overall view of sales rep productivity.

Why should sales teams use sales coaching software?

Sales coaching software can help sales managers and leaders make sure their sales teams are consistently staying on message and are following best practices. For new sales reps and business development reps, listening to examples of high quality sales calls is a great way to learn how successful sales reps are talking about the products their company sells.

Along with managing sales rep productivity and new rep onboarding and training, sales coaching platforms also provide deal and account-level intelligence that would be hard for sales reps to extract from sales calls on their own. Many tools now offer AI-based recommendations and can pinpoint important moments within calls and highlight them for reps.

What are the best sales coaching platforms?

There are multiple sales coaching platforms available, but here are some of the most popular ones on TrustRadius: