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Cloudflare Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Oleksandr Torlo

Cloudflare is much cheaper and has more useful settings.

Related Quote from Yaco Lioi

the best solution for enterprise sites, because it can get expensive and there are cheaper alternatives. … More pricing plans. More page rules in the free tier. Speed in certain countries with

Related Quote from Mochammad Zachri

Cloudflare CDN 3rd party integration (developer friendly) Pricing model … Cost efficiency Less workload about managing DNS. Secure access and DDoS attack

Related Quote from Verified User

companies with relatively simple setups are an ideal match for Cloudflare. The price point is low enough that you get a ton of basic protections for minimal expense

Related Quote from Verified User

Pricing for small environments.

Related Quote from Bryan McAnulty

even on their free plan. On top of the power CloudFlare includes for the price, the setup process is extremely straightforward and fast, and an average … static business sites, eCommerce sites, or especially web applications. Low cost and robust free plan make it an easy choice for the peace of mind performance/production … Compared to CloudFront, CloudFl…

Related Quote from Ramon Khan

users that could slow down the site. Also for ecommerce sites that cannot afford to be down for any amount of time. If speed is a top concern, then their … users that could slow down the site. Also for ecommerce sites that cannot afford to be down for any amount of time. If…

Related Quote from Verified User

supportive which none other competitor provides and the pricing plan are very cheap and affordable. … very cost effective if compared with other cloud CDN. 2.It's Easier to manage multiple domains from a single CloudFlare account. 3.SSL is very cheap. 4.There … Pricing…

Related Quote from Verified User

Cloudflare was 4x cheaper to use as our image CDN over Cloudfront for the same content in our AWS

Related Quote from Wilfrido Elenes

world, implementing a CDN with Cloudflare is extremely simple at a reasonable cost. Additionally, protecting the information on our internal portals with Cloudflare … compared to other similar options. Generates informative content of great value on their blog, to keep us updated on news and trends in the sector … generated us small financial savings, by having the same ser…

Related Quote from Osama Khan

saves us money on the bandwidth costs. Another benefit is the wholesale price of registering your domain name at Cloudflare. We also use 'Pages' to publish

Related Quote from Verified User

Pricing could be a bit more accessible.

Related Quote from Nicholas Tantillo

There is a huge jump in price between the mid-tier and enterprise solutions which is hard to justify for … against the organization can be more easily mitigated, saving time and money Cost savings on SSLs and bandwidth across the board &hellip…

Related Quote from Nichole Schlecht

comparable but I found Cloudflare to have a more streamlined interface and the pricing is super clear. Sucuri has large annual plans only for website security … shorter turn-around time than to have to wait or purchase an even more expensive package.

Related Quote from Matthew Gardner

Cost reduction Time savings Reliability Increases … We used to use Cloud front as our CDN but the pricing was leagues higher than

Related Quote from Verified User

not refund my payment. This company is a complete scam. Stay away if you value the safety of your site.

Related Quote from Emily Muhoberac

blogger to large corporations. For robust websites, it can get expensive, so it might be cost-prohibitive for sole proprietors who need many page rules. What … certificate. Reports dashboard could be more robust. Some of the features they charge for you can access for free…

Related Quote from Verified User

The pricing is very reasonable. The free tier offers a lot of features. It's an easy … hosted on Amazon, and CloudFront for sites using Amazon Web Services. The pricing and features are comparable. Overall, Cloudflare's free tier offers more

Related Quote from Ben Gelsey

certificate issuersContent delivery networksDNS managersThese 3 services used to cost money and now CloudFlare offers all of them for free. Unless your website … Saves us $100+ yearly on SSL certificate issuance price. Saves us $X00 per year in lieu of paying for a CDN. Increases user happiness … if not $X00 for decently t…

Related Quote from Chris Widner

fantastic but more than we need for a basic site. Plus the pricing is up there. CloudFlare has the pricing of GoDaddy and the performance of Dyn so it's the best … domain registrations so it is my go to for any hosting. It also solves the price equation with it being free…

Related Quote from Verified User

certificates. Other solutions don't offer that much, and if they do, they cost much more. So far we didn't experience major issues with the service, and … CloudFlare, you can purchase and manage SSL certificates. Eventually, it will cost less than purchasing them via dedicated…

Related Quote from Verified User

renewal cost: Most of our domains could be transferred to Cloudflare, where domain renewals are as cheap as possible. Increased total website cost: All of … currently allow the purchase of new domain names. The benefit of this is cheaper renewal fees and fewer systems involved in managing our domains. Registrar … cluster (but Cloudf…

Related Quote from Marco Diversi

so much more. Also, we use it as a registrar, they are offering wholesale price on almost all the TLDs with DNSSEC that auto configure. … so much more. Also, we use it as a registrar, they are offering wholesale price on almost all the TLDs with DNSSEC that auto configure.…

Related Quote from Ed Hart

Service has been reliable. Service has been relatively inexpensive/good value. We have seen little to no system downtime since implementing. … developer recommended CloudFlare based on his past experience with them. Pricing is in line with the market and service experience…