Happy with AlphaSense. Excited for the platform to expand.
Updated April 14, 2023

Happy with AlphaSense. Excited for the platform to expand.

Danny Beck | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with AlphaSense

I utilize AlphaSense to quickly and efficiently review publicly available documentation (call transcripts, SEC filings) as well as review Wall Street Analyst research. Their site navigation tools and overall interface are very helpful and easy to use. I also like their tools that help me find associated words that go beyond my specific keyword search.


  • Searchability
  • Organization
  • User Interface


  • Sentiment Gauges (Hot, Cold).
  • Access to additional content.
  • Better competitive insights.
  • Helpful to navigate a landscape/universe of opportunities.
  • Helpful organization of call transcripts.
  • Fast and efficient searches.
Very easy to understand user interface. Navigation is relatively quick and efficient, particularly for the site's capabilities.
AlphaSense is very effective at helping us scour public sources for any competitive intelligence updates. We have a lead program that is at the front of the competitive landscape, but much other biopharma is creating follow-on products to compete with our agents. It's good to keep track of any new publicly available information on other emerging programs.
Nasdaq IR Insight is clunky, inefficient, and incredibly un-user friendly. Strongly dislike it.

Do you think AlphaSense delivers good value for the price?


Are you happy with AlphaSense's feature set?


Did AlphaSense live up to sales and marketing promises?


Did implementation of AlphaSense go as expected?


Would you buy AlphaSense again?


To search publicly available documentation for keywords that help with competitive intelligence diligence. It's very good for targeted searches that produce relevant results. It's less appropriate for financial analysis (i.e., valuation model details, etc.). I wish it had this capability and was able to source XLS files. But overall, I think the functionality is great.

AlphaSense Feature Ratings

Public Company Data
Private Company Data
Industry and Sector Research
Industry-Specific Information
Independent Research Access
Macroeconomic News
Search Tools

Using AlphaSense

3 - My coworkers that use AlphaSense are in Commercial / Forecasting or in Investor Relations / Corporate Affairs
I'm not sure I understand the question... we don't direcly have an in-house representative who manages our AlphaSense account or serves as on-staff support. We're a small/medium-sized biotech. I believe I am the primary account holder for our company.
  • Wall Street Research
  • Public document searches
  • Market intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Macroeconomic news
  • Sentiment analyzer
  • Transcript review and intelligence
  • Country-specific analysis
  • Integrations and Notes
  • Public document repository (i.e., organize key reports)
AlphaSense is a very useful tool and is reasonably priced for our organization. While I may not be a hyper-active user, it's a great resource when I need to quickly do a competitive landscape survey, review publicly available documents (transcripts, etc.), or review Wall Street research

Evaluating AlphaSense and Competitors

Yes - It's maybe not a direct alternative / comparator, but I review Bloomberg, Factset, CapIq, etc. These are all services I've used in the past. And while they have many different functions, they don't have the depth and rigor as a public document aggregator that AlphaSense does. So for AlphaSense's core competencies, I don't believe there's a better data service available.
  • Scalability
  • Ease of Use
Ease of use was very important to me. When you think of having to review large volumes of publicly available information quickly (e.g., the last 8 quarters of call transcripts), AlphaSense makes this very easy and digestible. And the accuracy of the search functionality is very important. Love how it finds related keywords and topics that further bolster the intelligence that I'm looking for. .
Not sure I would do anything differently. I am not aware of other services like AlphaSense, particularly those with such helpful data aggregation / intelligence. And other platforms that offer mass data aggregation and search aren't as sophisticated as the AlphaSense platform.

AlphaSense Implementation

I don't believe I was actively involved in the implementation of AlphaSense.
Not sure - I'm not sure if I can adequately answer this question. Unfortunately, I don't know.
  • No issues - implementation was very seamless (at least from my vantage point)

AlphaSense Training

Very helpful training. I believe it was less than 1-hour, and it felt very comprehensive. I felt confident in my ability to use the platform after the training.

Configuring AlphaSense

The product's configuration is just right. An extensive amount of detail / functionality on the homepage, but it doesn't make site navigation or functionality suffer at all. Think it's a really well done interface.
I would suggest configuring the page much like an email / outlook page that's focused around search. At the top is a ribbon with sources that you can add/remove (+ other filter options), and the left side is a scroll option for exploring your dashboard (key companies/topics you follow, etc.).
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code
I did not, but I also didn't realize there was extensive customization available. I will look into this and explore additional ways to set up my platform for the greatest ease of use.

AlphaSense Support

AlphaSense support is very helpful. I can contact my account manager and usually receive a response within 1-day. I've had my account manager change a few times, and it's always been a seamless transition. I don't know if AlphaSense has a live help function? But generally when I go through my account manager, they are very helpful in directing my inquiry.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
I did not purchase premium support. At least I don't believe that's part of my account subscription.
Yes. I am often asked about the details of our subscription package from my finance team. This is usually for budgeting purposes. I know I've pestered the AlphaSense team with questions about my account multiple times in the past. They always respond promptly and help me understand our subscription details. Otherwise, I have not had a specific support issue on the platform (at least not that I can recall). It's a very easy to use tool.

Using AlphaSense

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Document search
  • Sentiment analyzer
  • Notes - not necessarily difficult, but a bit cluttered/crowded

AlphaSense Reliability

Multiple functions within my organization utilize AlphaSense. It's a highly resourceful too for multiple different groups.
I have never had any issues with availability. The tool has always been very helpful when I've needed it to be, and I've never had outage issues. AlphaSense is also very forthright about upcoming outages for platform updates, but I don't recall this happening too many times.
I do wish load times were faster. Not to be impatient, but sometimes it takes a minute for a report to fully load. I sort of understand though, particularly with the vast library of documents that AlphaSense must aggregate. Our organization does not currently integrate AlphaSense into other software or systems. At least I am not aware of such integration. I only use the platform online.

Relationship with AlphaSense

Very readily available, very helpful and informative. All while not giving an arduous amount of unnecessary information. Too much functional instruction is often times too much to take in at once. And with a platform that has a good user interface, it's best to have the customer explore and come back with questions vs. a 2 hr tutorial (in my opinion).
Very helpful and readily available with questions. I do with there was an immediate helpdesk that was on call. Maybe there is, but we don't pay for that particular service offering.
Very professional and knowledgeable team. Easy to work with and communicates in a way that's helpful for users who aren't experts on the platform.
I believe it was mostly overall cost and # of seats. But I don't totally remember.
I believe this service is highly affordable for the value it creates. I think it is priced appropriately.
No real advice. Access to a 24-7 helpdesk would be great, but realize we may not have that as part of our subscription.


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