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Best Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Software include:

LeanData, RealZips GeoData Platform, Traction Complete, Align.ly, Lane Four, RevenueHero and Distribution Engine ( by NC Squared ).

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Calendly is appointment scheduling software from the company of the same name in Atlanta, Georgia. Calendly is available via a free plan that allows users to book unlimited 1:1 appointments. Paid plans, starting at $8 per month enable meetings with multiple invitees, a customizable…

Chili Piper

Chili Piper is scheduling and routing software for B2B revenue teams. Its products help revenue teams increase their inbound conversion rates, increase customer satisfaction, and reach new levels of productivity. The vendor states Companies like Twilio, Forrester, Spotify, and Gong…


OnceHub is an online appointment scheduling and digital engagement platform developed by the company of the same name headquartered in Claymont, Delaware.

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LeadData is built around account-based nurturing and account-based reporting. The nurturing aspect allows users to segment inbound leads by account details such as owner, active opportunity, customer, and sales stage. This is available with any marketing automation platform synced…


Phonexa is an all-in-one suite for marketing automation that empowers companies to optimize inbound web and call campaigns, and outbound call, email, and SMS campaigns, all while having the ability to enhance consumer journey every step of the way. Complete with seven turnkey solutions,…


Align.ly builds simple, intuitive Salesforce applications to help B2B RevOps professionals be more productive and effective. Align.ly currently has two products on the Salesforce AppExchange: Align.ly Lead-to-Account and Align.ly Attribution.

Lane Four

Lane Four is an account-based lead management app on the Salesforce AppExchange that bridge the gap between marketing automation and Salesforce. Numerous SaaS clients are currently using our app to boost their ABM strategies, manage rapid growth, and scale Salesforce across their…

RealZips GeoData Platform

RealZips GeoData Platform for Salesforce.com is a sales intelligence software solution offered by RealScenario, Inc.


Crossbeam is a partner ecosystem platform from the company of the same name headquartered in Philadelphia. We act as a data escrow service that finds overlapping customers and prospects with your partners while keeping the rest of your data private and secure.

Traction Complete

Traction Complete develops software that enhances the native capabilities and functionality of Salesforce, with a complete suite of solutions for effortless account hierarchies and simplified, seamless lead management.

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Convertr is an API-first data routing and optimization platform that takes data from any source, optimizes it and delivers it to any endpoint with real-time data processing and quality assurance, with the goal of minimizing the cost associated to bad data.

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Intelisale is a Saas company dedicated to B2B sales within the wholesale trade and distribution industry. Since 2015 Intelisale aims to improve each salesman’s performance as well as overall organizational goals. Intelisale is bringing productivity improvements by leveraging latest…

Inogic Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation systematically assigns or distributes Leads generated through various sources to respective Dynamics 365 CRM users. It helps managers to allocate and distribute incoming leads and customer queries in an organized way ensuring fair distribution…

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LeadAngel is a lead management system that offers a range of tools and technologies to solve the most complex of Lead Routing challenges, Data Standardization, Company Name fuzzy matching and Segmentation.

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Byonic.ai, from Bython Media, provides marketing capabilities that include account intelligence, lead insights, marketing automation and creative content, powered by AI/ML and wrapped in one platform to run marketing campaigns.

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The Databowl lead management solution is used to automate and streamline how a business collects, works with, and converts leads from start to finish, with the goal of maximizing lead value and team performance.

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Pidgi harnesses customer data to provide personalized lead intelligence for sales teams. Pidgi helps to make B2B sales easier by helping Sales and Marketing Teams sell more to their past users. Pidgi includes: - Access to past users - Contact monitoring for job changes - CRM…

OpnMkt - Assignment, Routing, Distribution

For Salesforce Sales Cloud, an app available on the Salesforce AppExchange designed to improve the BDR to AE lead handoff process, that offers a marketplace approach to lead distribution eliminates the need for territories, round robin, named accounts, and rep pods.

Distribution Engine ( by NC Squared )

Distribution Engine is a rules-based lead assignment engine that ensures your Leads, Opportunities, Contacts (or any standard or custom SFDC object) are automatically distributed to the right team member at the right time. The product is designed for sales operations to easily…

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Marketing & Sales teams can use RevenueHero to qualify, route & schedule meetings with prospects, to increase the volume of potential deals in the pipeline.

ProspectingAI by Marcom Robot

Marcom Robot Prospecting Engine is a company name-to-domain matching solution helping B2B sales and marketing teams identify website addresses from company names. Why Marcom Robot? Expands sales' reach beyond known prospects: Improves the targeting of ABM programs and identify the…

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Openprise is a data automation solution designed to help business users manage and share big data and create do-it-yourself automation directly from those data. The vendor says Openprise requires no software to deploy and no coding needed; it is designed so that users who are familiar…

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boberdoo.com is a lead distribution software provider for the lead industry, supplying advanced lead and call routing as well as ping post capabilities to clients both domestic and international. boberdoo.com headquartered in Chicago has been operating since 2001 and continues to…

Learn More About Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Software

What is Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Software?

Lead-to-account matching and routing software automates the matching of leads to the correct account and then routes the lead to the appropriate sales representative for follow-up. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software includes basic matching and routing capabilities.

Matching and routing software products are available that integrate with the user’s CRM, providing additional features and support for complex workflows. Some CRM vendors offer the flexibility to build your matching and routing solution within their products.

Lead-to-account matching software uses algorithms, data dictionaries, machine learning, and natural language processing to determine whether the lead is a good match for an existing account and if so, identifies the best match.

Lead routing software filters and prioritizes leads as part of the routing process. Automated lead routing rules can be customized by a variety of criteria:

  • lead source

  • lead score

  • Product

  • sales rep availability

  • ‘Next-in-line’

  • territory (geographical location)

  • Industry

  • business unit

  • company size

  • deal size

The lead can be routed to a sales representative, account owner, customer success manager, round-robin sales team, or anyone else deemed appropriate. The lead can be automatically reassigned if not followed up within a designated time frame. Some routing software can be integrated with cloud-calling solutions that provide the ability to call the leads from the routing software.

Fully automated lead-to-account matching and routing software improves accuracy and reduces lead follow-up time, ultimately enhancing revenue flow. This software is essential for businesses with a high volume of leads. It is used in revenue operations by sales development representatives and account executives.

Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Software Features

Common features across lead-to-account matching and routing software include:

  • Lead-to-account Matching and Routing Engines

  • Realtime Sales Rep Assignments and Notification

  • Custom Matching and Routing Rules Based on Account and Lead Characteristics

  • Drag/Drop Tools to Build Complex Lead Matching and Routing

  • Data Management - Identifies and Removes Duplicate Leads and Accounts

  • Lead Auto-Reassignment

  • Lead Matching and Routing Audit Trail

  • Analytics – Lead Distribution and Response Times, Sales Rep Performance

  • CRM Integration

  • Cloud-calling Integration

  • Workflow Management integration

Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Software Comparison

Consider the following when implementing lead-to-account matching and routing software:

  • Implementation Options: Depending upon your current CRM system, there are three ways to take advantage of lead-to-account matching and routing software; utilize the features already present in your CRM, build more robust matching and routing software into your current CRM, or purchase a product that will integrate into your CRM. If you will be deploying a new CRM, investigate its matching and routing features to ensure they meet or have the flexibility to meet your requirements in this area.

Pricing Information

Entry-level pricing starts at around $25 a month per user, with a minimum number of licenses required to be purchased. Company-wide licensing starts at $500 a month depending upon the number of users and the range of features included.

Some vendors base pricing on the number of contacts supported, for example, 10,000 contacts for $1,000 a month. Others base pricing on the number of users, for example, 100 users for $2,259 a month. Free trials are sometimes available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Software do?

Lead-to-account matching and routing software matches the lead to an existing customer account if possible and routes the lead to a designated individual based upon pre-defined rules. These functions are usually integrated into a CRM system.

What are the benefits of using Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Software?

Benefits of using lead-to-account matching and routing software include:

  • Enhanced Revenue Flow: Automated matching helps expedite lead follow-up. Improved response times increase conversions while avoiding mistakes, lost leads, and missed opportunities.
  • Improved Customer Experience and Engagement: Correct lead-to-account matching provides sales reps with a complete account history. This eliminates duplicate calls and avoids the awkwardness and inefficiency of ‘cold-calling’ existing customers.
  • Increased Productivity and Efficiency: Reduced manual intervention frees up resources for more productive activities. Eliminating duplicate leads facilitates following up on a larger number of leads and defined targeting results in more effective lead routing.
  • Improved Performance: Analytics and intelligence support data-driven performance improvement initiatives.

What are the best Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Software products?

These are some popular lead-to-account matching and routing software products:

How much does Lead-to-Account Matching and Routing Software cost?

Pricing is based on the range of features provided, the number of users or contacts, or on a company-wide licensing basis. The costs can range from $25 a month per user to $500 a month or more.