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Debt Collection Software Overview

Debt Collection Software, also called Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) software, supports the needs of agencies and lenders by providing business process automation, compliance assurance, and other features essential to orderly and effective collections efforts.

Best Debt Collection Software include:

DebtPayPro, Anytime Collect, CollectMax, Katabat, CreditForce, CSS Impact HD 2.0 RMS, and BEAM.

Debt Collection Products

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Zuora is one of the best-known subscription billing platforms. Zuora is an enterprise-level product and, as such, provides comprehensive metrics, tax automation, and support for multiple currencies. It also offers Salesforce and NetSuite integration out-of the-box. It often replaces…

Latitude by Genesys

Latitude by Genesys® is a standalone product that provides an integrated solution to fully meet customers' requirements of accounts receivables challenges from day one delinquency or negligence through charge-off and debt sale. With your businesses servicing platform bridged with…

Alvaria Compliant Outreach (Noble Systems)

Maintaining contact center compliance with industry regulations and protecting sensitive customer data are mission critical to outbound call center operations. Alvaria's Compliant Outreach suite of solutions, part of the larger Alvaria CX Suite, can help. The solution is based on…

Pega Customer Service

Pega Customer Service is a solution for solving interactions with customers, including collections, claims management, and other case management. It is available in 3 editions: the Digital Customer Engagement Edition, the Enterprise Edition, and the Case Management Edition.

HighRadius Autonomous Receivables

Autonomous Receivables, from HighRadius headquartered in Houston, is an AI-powered accounts receivable solution. It is designed to reduce DSO and bad debt with the best Accounts Receivable Management Software. The solution connects credit, billing & invoicing, cash application, deductions,…

TurnKey Lender

Belgian company Turnkey Lending offers their straightforwardly named "Lending Software," unsurprisingly a loan origination, described as offering full-service features but for small to midsized financial institutions.


Quantrax in Bethesda offers their cloud-based debt collections management platform RMEx (for "receivables management expert"), to provide agencies and other entities conducting collections activities emphasizing cost and resource allocation controls and workflow automation.

Anytime Collect

E2B Technologies in Ohio offers Anytime Collect, an automated debt collection and accounts receivables platform featuring dispute management, cash forecasting, invoice presentment and other customer communication, as well as online bill pay and payment management with customer portal,…

Beyond ARM

Beyond ARM is an accounts receivable management (debt collection) management platform from DAKCS in Ogden featuring debtor contact information management, predictive dialer, card processing and esign, risk tracking, and other features.


Collect! is a cloud-based or installed debt collection management platform from Comtech Systems in British Columbia, featuring HIPAA compliant data access and adequate scale and process automation for smaller to midsize entities.

HES Lending Platform

HiEnd Systems (now presented as HES) headquartered in Toronto with offices in the UK and Balrus, offers loan lifecycle management and servicing software for a range of needs like commercial lending, alternative or microfinance lending, or peer-to-peer lending.


ezyCollect from the Australian company of the same name is a receivables automation and debtor management platform, primarily emphasizing automated messaging and automated workflow, the platform integrates with XERO and MYOB.


JST in Richmond, Virginia offers CollectMax, a debt collection management software system, which is offered by the vendor as an advanced system for collections firms with document generation, reporting, and litigation support, as well as general process automation features.


Katabat in Delaware offers their cloud-based debt collection software that emphasizes customer relationship and journey, as well as improved response rate.

Debtor Daddy

Debtor Daddy in New Zealand offers a hybrid debtor management platform featuring software and service depending on tier of service desired, with automated payment reminders and collection tools, and dedicated receivables specialists for small businesses needing temporary or limited…


Innovation Software in Kent offers CreditForce to mid-level to enterprise size entities emphasizing automation and easy to use tools to support collector efficiency and intelligent workflow, as well as inbuilt business intelligence for process optimization and performance evaluation.…

InterProse ACE

InterProse in Vancouver, Washington offers InterProse ACE, a debt collection platform featuring rich automation without compromising security compliance, most notably an automated AI collection agent to perform the bulk of the collections work.

CSS Impact HD 2.0 RMS

CSS Impact in Woodland Hills, California offers HD 2.0 RMS, or receivables management system, among their other financial technology applications, which is designed as a potential end-to-end system for managing collections operations.

CACS Enterprise

CGI headquartered in Montreal offers CACS Enterprise, a platform for high-volume collections activities featuring flexible workflow rules, real-time decisioning support for agents, and other features.


Lexop is a debt collection application from the company of the same name in Montreal, which allows the user to send thousands of payment notices in mere seconds and in a personalized way via digital channels such as email and SMS. Moreover, Lexop monitors, tracks and analyzes all…

AgreeYa Cogent

AgreeYa Solutions offers Cogent, a hybrid legal case management and debt collection platform including document management and search, document and task workflow, docket calendar, and other tools supporting a creditor's debt collection and case management operations.

CGI Advantage Obligation Recovery

CGI Advantage Obligation Recovery is a debt, fee, and tax collection platform for governments, and part of the CGI Advantage suite of government products.

VCC Live

VCC Live is a cloud-based contact center solution, providing telecommunications services to businesses with more than 10 operators that want to offer prompt support to their customers. Its advanced features (IVR, real-time statistics, high security, predictive dialer amongst others)…


DebtPayPro is a credit management and debt collection oriented CRM, providing payment management, call scripts, workflow automation, custom fields and list management, and related features.

Raintree RevEdition

RevEdition is a medical billing and collections platform, from Raintree Systems in Temecula, designed to work with any Practice Management and EMR/EHR platform so users can take on additional clients without having to worry about technology or software limitations of providers.

Learn More About Debt Collection Software

What Is Debt Collection Software?

Debt Collection Software, also called Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) software, supports the needs of agencies and lenders by providing business process automation, compliance assurance, and other features essential to orderly and effective collections efforts.

Debt Collection Software Features

Debt collection software includes the following identifiable features:

  • Call logs and notes

  • Collection scoring and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Access to credit reports

  • Debt dispute tracking

  • Payment processing

  • Integrations: deduction management, accounting, and CRM software

Debt Collection Software Comparison

When comparing debt collection software, consider the following factors:

  1. Customer accounts: Debt collection software pricing and features are determined by the number of customer accounts.

  2. Invoicing: Collection agencies and lenders use these products to customize and generate large quantities of invoices.

  3. Performance indicators: Choose a debt collection that uses performance indicators to track credit control.

Debt Collection Software Price

Debt collection software vendors typically charge on a monthly or annual basis with limits on the number of accounts and users. The price can range from $40/month/user to over $100/month/user. You should contact specific vendors to request a demo and get a quote to determine the cost of your debt collection software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is debt collection software?

Debt collection software allows agencies and lenders to automate debt recovery tasks. Collection agencies use this software to track debt disputes, calls, and payments.

What are the benefits of debt collection software?

Debt collection software automates communication, such as outgoing calls or emails, and invoicing. It also streamlines the collection process by integrating with deduction management, accounting, and CRM software.

How much does debt collection software cost?

Debt collection software vendors charge on a monthly or annual basis with limits on the number of accounts and users. The price can range from $40/month/user to over $100/month/user.

What are the best debt collection software products?

The highest rated debt collection software products on TrustRadius are Latitude by Genesys and Zuora. These products are favored by mid-size and enterprise businesses.