BlueJeans for those who like data
Updated July 27, 2018

BlueJeans for those who like data

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Overall Satisfaction with BlueJeans

[It's] Used to host company-wide meetings and has an easily trackable and Gmail calendar integrated app. It assists in allowing anyone in the company to create meetings, save meeting recordings and also lets users across our company to sit in major all hands meetings from their laptops to their phones which is pretty cool.
  • Tracking: allows admin to track and monitor quality of calls and frequency, which allows you to pinpoint possible issues easily if for some reason people are having difficulties in calling others.
  • Calendar integration: Blue jeans makes it extremely to connect your google account and allow users to sync calls with their calendar so you dont have to fiddle around second guessing meeting numbers. Simply open blue jeans and if there is a call on schedule click join.
  • The only issue that has been bugging me is that when a user leaves the company and we delete their account, we are unable to re-use their conference call number. There should be a way to hard delete it from our systems so we can reuse numbers.
  • Not something I can personally track, but can say it makes doing meetings and internal group all hands very easy
There are a lot more programs but I have not listed them, basically, we chose BlueJeans because it has a wider management system with monitoring and tracking of all past and future events which is nice, the ability to moderate events and calls as well as the security/encryption factor within the calling system.
  • When internal conferencing is big, and you would like to monitor and track a lot of calls.
  • If you are a smaller company of fewer than 100 people it may not be the best thing as the amount of data and information it gives is too vast for the small user base you may have.
  • Recommended for medium-sized companies and up.

BlueJeans Meetings (discontinued) Feature Ratings

High quality audio
High quality video
Low bandwidth requirements
Mobile support
Desktop sharing
Calendar integration
Meeting initiation
Integrates with social media
Record meetings / events
Live chat
Not Rated
Audience polling
Not Rated
Not Rated
User authentication
Participant roles & permissions
Not Rated
Confidential attendee list

Using BlueJeans

From our sales rep booking meeting calls, to our CEO everyone who joins our company is issued a blue jeans account. It is simple to set up for each person, and it allows everyone to create their own meetings and join one very simply while keeping track of all this because every meeting is associated with an account.
3 - Our IT team manages blue jeans if anything wer to happen. There is not much management that needs to go on when setting this up. At most the issues that you will face will involve networks having issues more than blue jeans having an issue. The only other time we would need to manage calls and such would be during all hands sessions.
  • For all hands meetings.
  • Recording of major conference calls where we post them so that employees who have missed important all hands can watch later, very use-full.
  • Creating 1:1 meetings is very important as our company is spread across the world and being able to easily schedule and meet up is great.
  • Not anything ground breaking, but for all hands we use the administrative powers to manage which rooms are visible to viewers who is able to talk, mute certain people etc on the fly. As stress full as it can be it is very usefull.
  • So far just a continuation of what we are doing right now.
I give an 8 because nothing is certain, and who knows if a new app in the future even better comes out, we love blue jeans but we are also open to new tech as anyone should be. If you come to use blue jeans and it is not for you, dont be discouraged as there are many other conferencing tools out there that may be more suited to your tastes.

Evaluating BlueJeans and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Analyst Reports
The single most important factor for any company is of course cost to performance. We need something that will be relatively inexpensive but works and has a power admin interface to do a lot of thing. Blue jeans was there when we wer looking and for the past couple years it has stayed and we are continuing to use it now.
Nothing would really change except that there may have been more products out in the market that are more established and developed as blue jeans. Finding products like this depends when you are doing your search because everything changes so quickly and features you need may not be available for newer platforms or vice versa.

BlueJeans Implementation

For me its a simple video conferencing call tool, and implementation is simply setup user account give quick tutorial during the newhire orientation faze and then the user is good to go. There is not much you need to do to get this operational. sure if you want more security there are a couple extra steps but overall simply.
Change management was minimal - Not entirely sure, but if its asking if we needed to change who managed things like this no, it was just integrated into the company and IT covered taking care of the admin things. It was very simple and is just one of those things you need in a company .
  • N/A I was not part of the team when implementation occurred, but all I know is the IT heads just needed some training on how to use the admin control panels.

BlueJeans Support

There has been some downside in terms of response but cant really fault heavily because it is expected when a large volume of users need help but there can only be so many people to assist. On the other hand the support team is very helpful in that they are willing and able to jump in your admin control panels and help host a meeting with you to troubleshoot issues or just make things go smoothly.
Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
The time Blue jeans was great was when we needed to do certain specific things during a massive all hands meeting and we could not have anything go wrong. So blue jeans provided a moderator from them, that helped monitor quality of calls and manage the meetings to make sure everything went smoothly.

Using BlueJeans

besides the interesting phone interface that I know not many people use, overall blue jeans is very simple to use and execute and for users its very simple to use, we simply ask new hires to try out a first call using simple instructions and form there they are able to use it for all their calls in the future.
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Scheduling a call with someone through google calendars and then simply opening up blue jeans and seeing the calls populate for easy joining.
  • when no meetings are scheduled the meeting codes for individual can easily be forgot
Yes - A bit cumbersome as a user must dial in a full phone number and then a passcode to enter into the call but after that it is as if you are calling straight through your phone. Not the most usefull to make conference calls but if you want to just listen in on a all hands on the train on your phone, its a good way.