BlueJeans not only for teens. Make your events make more sense.
Updated January 05, 2022

BlueJeans not only for teens. Make your events make more sense.

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Overall Satisfaction with BlueJeans Events

It's used across the whole organization which is international. We use it to lead online events live, like allHands, webinars, or workshops usually for more than 100 people. Usually, we are using the Q/A section, screen sharing, multiple camera views, broadcasts, and recording events. BlueJeans events is great since the audio and video quality meets our expectations. It's important to us to separate speakers, attendees, and moderators because it's convenient for meeting organizers, so everybody has the rights that they should have and separate chats for moderators or attendees!
  • Audio quality.
  • Video quality.
  • Roles: moderator, presenter, attendee.
  • Live streaming performance.
  • More detailed instructions, it's not very intuitive.
  • Scheduling meeting.
  • Nothing more, great job!
  • Cost savings for sure.
  • Making events possible since the company is international, so it also increased attendance.
  • Flexible and convenient for hosts.
  • Pleasant audio, so it's a pleasure to hear voices in this quality.
Sometimes, like all systems, it lets us down. Maybe it's the bandwidth's fault, maybe not. I mean performance. Some computers are really heating while using this app, and, basically, there is nothing that we can do about it. CPU usage is quite big. General experience is positive though and I know we are not planning on abandoning BlueJeans.
We lead events for more than 100 people, multiple video endpoints of course. As I mentioned earlier, the roles of moderator, presenter, and attendee are really important to us, and I think of it as a great advantage. As well as separate chats for attendees and other groups. Polls are also used, so multitasking is doing a great job so you can have one tool for doing it all.
It's great for more than 100 people, dozens of tools in one place, different groups chats, well organized and flexible, and better audio quality as well as video quality. Different roles and permissions for them, so it's also more secure. It's actually like you can manage your meeting not only before it starts, but mostly, when it already started.

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BlueJeans Events is well suited for big live events when you can stream and record video and you don't have to worry about installing external apps to do so. Great separation of moderators, presenters, and attendees. It may be not well suited in small events like less than 10 people. It'd be like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

BlueJeans Events Feature Ratings

Audience polling
Data exportability
High quality audio
Mobile support
Participant roles & permissions
Confidential attendee list
Branding options
Integration to Marketing Automation
Calendar integration
Record meetings / events
Event registration

Using BlueJeans Events

employees, mostly they're from office administration site, but also IT to support some events.
not many skills, just you have to know how create meeting, the rest is intuitive. When someone has some troubles you should be open-minded and think what they might have done wrong and how to help them make it right. I think you should have at least general knowledge how streaming portals work, because it can help you create a proper meeting and fully support it. You can also do it by trial and error method, but when it comes to live meeting, it's proficiency and efficiency that matters.
  • international meetings for more than 50 people
  • local meetings for more than 50 people
  • live-streaming events, which require more than speaking and presenting slides
  • broadcasting full events with different speakers, presentations, locations, additional videos broadcasted from support site to the rest of the participants
  • Honestly, I don't see any, but maybe some interactive meetings with use of whiteboard?
We use it frequently and it has its advantages so I don't see better options for some kind of meetings. The quality of video and audio are great and that's what is very important to us. We like thing being professional. BlueJeans is simple and rich in possibilities. What's more, BlueJeans support is great and professional, they don't forget about their customers.

Evaluating BlueJeans Events and Competitors

Yes - In some cases it replaced MS Teams I guess, not sure which was first, but for sure we use both. BlueJeans has a permanent reservation for some types of meeting and I don't think it's going to be replaced. MS Teams was not good for larger meetings, where we have a lot of people speaking, presenting and video quality is more stable on BJ
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Product Features are the greatest advantage I think. It's not only about video conferencing but also handling bigger conferences, events which require more activities than just speaking with each other. It seems to be very professional and gives a lot of meeting customisation options, which sometimes is very important that the particular meetings has specific settings applied.
I don't think I would change anything. What's important to me is to focus on what are the advantages and disadvantages and why are these best or worst for me. Other people can agree or not, maybe they have different point of view or looking for different qualities in such platform. I appreciate I can truly say what works for me and why.

BlueJeans Events Implementation

Unfortunately I don't.
  • I was not there at the time it was implemented...

BlueJeans Events Support

I really like site and how simple it is.You can find there instructions, tips and how to create event or secure it! Of course FAQ is always useful and that's what you can find there too! Of course there is contact to support team which I remember was great and professional. Support Team really cares about their customers and don't forget about them. It feels like you can always count on them and reach out with any kind of question(s) which I think is very important.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I don't think we have premium support.
I don't know about this kind of situation taking place ever...Probably because we didn't need it :)

Using BlueJeans Events

It's like you can custom your meeting as you exactly need it to be set. It's great for bigger events with more than 50 people and the quality of audio as well as video remains stable for the most of the times (taking into account other imperfections for example: network). For smaller events it might me too much but I guess that was not the intention of creating BJ Events :)
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
  • recording an event
  • interaction options with participants (chat poles)
  • division to moderators, presenters and attendees
  • broadcasting live
  • sharing screen
  • chat not being visible in BlueJeans working with conferencing room (not on computer or phone), so no interaction option other than speaking

BlueJeans Events Reliability

We've been using BJ Events with big event and it worked as good as smaller one. All meetings were international and it didn't seem like it at all, I mean the quality was great. Maybe time delay was noticeable sometimes (sound to video) but it might also be caused by poor quality of internet connection.
BJ Events is Available always when we need it. There was no situation that we encountered an error or an outage. How are you doing this? :)