Build your ticketing system the way you want and need, but watch for GIGO
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December 15, 2017

Build your ticketing system the way you want and need, but watch for GIGO

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Overall Satisfaction with BMC Track-It!

We are using the Track-It! as our IT ticketing system, and for project management and work logging. It is mostly used by our IT department, but we do have our facilities department trying it to use for their ticketing system. It has helped to track work and projects in IT and also helped us to eliminate a separate help desk software for reporting and working on support requests and issues.
  • Crystal Reports allow for custom reports to fill whatever need you have.
  • An open design lets you create the workflows, ticket menus and other structures just how you want.
  • The email submission feature works well both directly and using web forms to submit and route tickets effectively.
  • The ability to create master project tickets and then assignment tickets for individual tasks/contributions works very well to organize, track, and report project tasks.
  • Track-It! is a wide open space. If you have too many people creating categorizations and settings on their own, it can get messy quickly.
  • We have had issues with tickets not properly getting released and closed, which prevents someone else from working on or adding notes to the ticket. This has improved with some updates, but if a user leaves a ticket open on their computer, it stays locked out until it is closed or their client is closed.
  • As tickets get older and larger, the performance of the desktop app gets very slow and hangs the application.
  • The desktop app isn't installed like a full application, but installs into the person's profile. It has made distributing, tracking, and troubleshooting the application difficult. I know they are pushing towards using the web app, but many prefer the desktop application.
  • We were able to consolidate down to one ticketing system and build it to fit our needs without any extra add ons.
  • Adoption did have some trouble with people trying to manipulate the data entry system to match the reports they wanted. This resulted in some wasted time as the system was reset and those individuals were removed from the implementation team.
  • This was able to eliminate many spreadsheets for tracking project work. This eliminated 'lost' projects and work and kept progress going forward.
  • The built in reporting replaced hours of work creating reports out of spreadsheets and emails.
  • We moved our help documents to their Solutions knowledge base and were able to eliminate a separate wiki server for holding that information.
Track-It! has flexibility that ServiceNow couldn't offer us. We also didn't want a separate web portal. Track-It allows for more on premise links and integrations that we just couldn't do with ServiceNow.
Track-It! was more of a blank slate than the alternatives. It allows us to do more non-IT work in the system without having to make changes to how people work and track outside of the IT department.
We liked the reporting and storage solutions much better than the others offered.
If you are looking for a flexible, highly customizable ticketing or work management tool, this will work for you. It will allow you to create (or use your existing) escalation workflows and tracking. You don't have to adjust to the structure of the software, it can be easily customized to you. The email ticket routing works well and is relatively simple to set up. You can customize the reports to get the very specific data you want.

If you don't have a structure for tickets or projects, this doesn't have a built-in structure for you. So if you are looking for a solution to provide an escalation and workflow system for you, this may not be for you. There are products and services out there that have rigid structures in place already that may be a better fit.

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