Bomgar - Remote Support Starts Here.
Updated December 04, 2014

Bomgar - Remote Support Starts Here.

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We use Bomgar across our entire organization to support both staff and IT systems, onsite and remotely. We have deployed Jump Clients extensively to enable on-demand, persistent remote access, and we also use it to support mobile users as needed. Bomgar helped us to reduce the number of site visits necessary to fully support our users, allowing us to spend more time working on solutions and less on fixing problems.


  • The Bomgar Jump Client functionality is fantastic at providing persistent remote access to machines. We have deployed the agent on every machine we can because it's lightweight, installs quickly, and is unobtrusive. From the console, we can access any machine running the agent with the click of a button, no user interaction required. It's great for when we want to see a problem someone is trying to describe to us over the phone, as well as when we need to remotely access a machine, like a server or dedicated workstation at a remote site.
  • Bomgar is wonderful when you're giving presentations - previously we had to do trials of Webex whenever the need came up, but it's part of the Bomgar system and works like a charm.
  • Bomgar does really well at adding value to their product. They release minimum quarterly updates to it, with new features added all the time. The presentation functionality was one of the new features last year and has made a huge impact on our work. A lot of vendors add little 'who cares' features here and there so they can say they are improving the product, but Bomgar actually does improve the product each time.


  • The only place I can think of where Bomgar could improve is to allow mixing of licenses on the appliance. We purchased Enterprise licenses to get the vPro functionality, but not all of our support reps need it. It would be nice to be able to buy standard licenses that elevated to Enterprise if someone needed that functionality and an Enterprise license was available.
  • Bomgar has made our helpdesk more efficient by reducing the time staff spend out in the field fixing issues. We no longer need to take trips to remote sites, and we often don't even need to take trips to internal sites. Unless there's something physically wrong with the machine, we can generally do a Jump Client session into the machine and fix it or vPro into the BIOS to take a look around. It has saved us so much time, not to mention mileage expenses for the company and wear and tear on our vehicles.
We used RDP when I first started but you couldn't share the screen with end users and my industry does not allow usernames/passwords to be shared (healthcare), so it wasn't a great fit outside of server management. We moved up to Teamviewer and then LogMeIn/LogMeIn Rescue to do remote support and they did the job, but Teamviewer was sparse on options and the LogMeIn/LogMeIn Rescue combo was clunky and required two different management consoles to use both products. We tried Bomgar because they had a promotion to get two free agent licenses if you had a Dell KACE Kbox system and it was a fantastic fit. All the functionality the LMI duo offered was there, plus more. Mobile device support (both to and from) was included, and a recent update gave us the ability to do presentations from the system as well.
We have renewed and will continue to renew. Bomgar continues to add value to the system with frequent updates and the ability to quickly "jump" into the system gives my support staff an edge on quickly fixing issues and getting our clinical staff back to work. I have had zero problems out of the appliance, it has only been a net positive to my company since we started using it.
Bomgar has a hosted and onsite version of their server/appliance so the only situation where it is not a great fit is when the person/organization wants something for nothing. Bomgar is not an expensive solution, but it's also not free. We replaced several other remote solutions with it so I know it's a great fix for multiple scenarios.


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