The futures' Bright....pearl.
October 28, 2016

The futures' Bright....pearl.

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Overall Satisfaction with Brightpearl

The staff at Brightpearl is always very helpful, but on the rare occasion there is an issue, it can sometimes take a long time for the problem to be resolved. However, this is so infrequent, that it doesn't really ever affect our day, we are always able to get the work done once the issue has been sorted.
We use Brightpearl mainly for the processing of orders to our customers, but also for keeping record of stock, customer details and business history, amongst others things. Everyone in the company uses Brightpearl for most of each working day, and it makes processing and shipping orders extremely easy. If there is ever a problem with stock, it only takes a second to work out the issue using Brightpearl.
  • We have a process for our orders every day. Once they are printed, using Brightpearl we 'pick' the orders, the information is then sent to our printers, and a mailing label is printed almost instantly. Once this is done, we can scan the item, Brightpearl receives the code, and provided we have the correct item, it 'packs' the order. Once we have packed the order, we can 'ship' the order. The process is extremely simple, and very quick.
  • If anything goes wrong with, for example the scanning of the item, we are able to enter the Brightpearl archive, search for the item and change the code very easily. This means most issues are resolved in seconds.
  • The layout of Brightpearl in our usage of it is very simple, effective and helpful. The main points of the order are in big boxes at the top of the page, making it easy to see exactly what you are doing. The rest of the page is laid out very well, and there is no chance of mixing anything up or getting confused with anything within the order.
  • The way Brightpearl works makes it extremely easy to see exactly where we are with out orders throughout the day. It helps us keep on top our work, and if things start to get very busy, it is still easy to get things done.
  • On the odd occasion, the system will crash, meaning the page continuously loads for minutes at a time, slowing our work down.
  • If a mistake has been made, once the order has been shipped, there is no way of undoing it. It would be helpful if, once shipped, there was a way of adjusting the order.
  • Because the system is so easy to use, it means we are able to send through more orders each day, meaning a larger number of orders are sent out. This has resulted in great reviews for the company, and subsequently more customers.
  • With the simpleness of adjusting our database through Brightpearl, it enables more issues to be resolved quicker, which means people have more time to get on with other tasks, ensuring company growth in the long term.
A lot of customer service based companies could benefit from Brightpearl. I used to work in a shop and the system we used was absolutely useless, using Brightpearl for the business would have been a lot simpler and a lot easier. It also would have led to a lot less mistakes.