All of our E-mails are E-ficcient!
May 06, 2014

All of our E-mails are E-ficcient!

Zaheer Bulsara | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Campaigner

For the Brampton Beast we use Campaigner to create all of our email marketing campaigns. We send all sorts of emails from the very salesy stuff to just regular newsletters. It works great because it is so easy to use that anyone can get started on a campaign and it doesn't have to go straight to the digital team every time.


  • Number 1, is it's ease of use. We have not run into any problems where someone finds Campaigner difficult to use and this comes in handy every day. The more people that know how to use it the better because it reduces stress/buildup on others.
  • We love the reporting system here. We use the clicks and opens to follow up with people all the time so to have all that detailed information is very beneficial.
  • Customization is great. You can really make all your emails look exactly like they're pictured in your head.


  • They one thing I would adapt is an easier use of columns. Sometimes you would like to have a column only go halfway down the page as oppose to the whole page but that can be worked around. There really isn't much I would change.
  • Increased employee efficiency for sure. This goes back to the ease of use. I was able to teach a large portion of my staff how to use campaigner in less than an hour and they were then able to create (or at the very least, create a template that would need some slight adjustments from the digital team) effective campaigns and thus reduce the workload that comes to the digital team freeing us for other projects.
We were using a different client before and the ease of use was just not there. You needed to know a lot of HTML and little tricks to manipulate the system. You don't need all that for Campaigner. The drag and drop function is amazing. It is also easier to pull reports than what we were previously doing. The combination of these two things is great.
I can't see us not renewing unless we find something better. This is highly unlikely because there was a thorough research done for use to chose the best marketing client and it always came back to campaigner.
We look for 2 things in an email campaign software: how detailed the reporting system is and ease of use. Both of these features are supported here. When I mention the reporting system, we need to be able to see who clicked on which links as well being able to pull their phone number or email so that we can then follow up with them. In all honesty I cannot see a situation where Campaigner would be less appropriate to use if you are looking for an email marketing software.

Using Campaigner

15 - Everything from the digital team to the sales team. I have taken the time to teach everyone the basics and they all now know how to use it to create their own campaigns.
4 - It's mostly the digital team. Those who have a background in design and IT.
  • Ticket sales
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Schedule updates
  • Honestly, campaigner has allowed us to do everything we've wanted.

Using Campaigner

Why? Because it's so so simple. Teaching the rest of the staff to use it was a breeze and now everyone can create their own marketing campaigns. Not only that, nut they can also pull the clicks and opens on their own, lightening my workload for the better. It's awesome in every way.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Drag and drop.
  • Reporting features


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