Key-value and document database using Couchbase
Eduin Zuloaga | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 19, 2019

Key-value and document database using Couchbase

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Overall Satisfaction with Couchbase

We used Couchbase on an important project named Phantom for customer and merchant referential. We are happy because this tool compiled our expectations and now we have an excellent non-SQL database. It was relatively simple to work with, the included groovy JDK seemed decently documented and wasn't a pain to work with. It was missing some key features (batch gets), however, so we had to write a service on top of their JDK.
  • You can use Couchbase in numerous ways, such as key-value and document storage.
  • Installation is easy and replication is very good.
  • Very fast reads.
  • Fail-over configuration is very easy to setup. There is too much documentation about this.
  • Everything is working fine. We created 5 environments (DEV,QA,UAT,PRE-PROD,PROD).
  • The user manual is not easy to understand. Almost all of the documentation is in English.
  • You can only put text files that are JSON formatted. No XML support.
  • We reduced almost 20% of our development times. It's very easy to serialize and deserialize JSON documents.
  • Our application Phantom is almost 25% faster than using a SQL database.
Because it is very easy to add a new server in order to expand the cluster. In this way you can scale the system without problem.
Intuitive GUI makes view statistic, administration, managing cluster very easy just one click like installing software and couch base manages all your need in the background. applying the CQRS pattern you can improve the performance because it´s a way to separate reads and writes, in this combination using indexing Couchbase is very fast and stable.
I recommend Couchbase DB because you can develop faster using agile methodologies like Scrum, and Lean.No need for a "loading" spinner on every user action. Again - just store on a local DB and the changes will propagate to the main DB ASAP.
We don´t use this functionality yet.
We use MongoDB and Redis in other systems. I think Couchbase is amazing because you can combine both behaviors in one system.
The perfect scenario is when you need to store a lot of data and you need excellent performance in reads and writes at the same time. It's possible when using a non-SQL database. Another idea is always work in the active-active mode because you can warranty your system never fails in the database layer.

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