Legal ResearchLegal Research Software supplies access to published journals, statutes, and case law to support well-researched and solidly grounded casework. Integration with case management and systems is useful for supplying the right case law to the active case.Thomson Reuters Westlaw1 Advance2 Law3 Advance Quicklaw (formerly LexisNexis Quicklaw)4 Handshake5 Advisory Plan6 Law7 Search Advantage8 for enterprise11 Complete12

Legal Research Software

Legal Research Software Overview

What is Legal Research Software?

Legal research software helps law firms find useful information for building cases and drafting documents. Software vendors offer access to searchable databases of legal documents. They may also provide analytical tools to help interpret search results.

The existing body of legal documentation is large and can be difficult to navigate. Adequately preparing to argue a case or advise a client requires extensive research. Using legal research software can reduce research times for attorneys. Supplemental tools help attorneys evaluate the strength of their case or plan their court strategy.

Vendors actively curate and update their databases to include new decisions, overturned cases, and other changes to existing law.

Legal Research Software Features & Capabilities

Common Features

Most vendors offering legal research software include:

  • Access to databases of legal information

  • Active database curation to keep information relevant

  • Relevant articles and analysis from newspapers and journals

  • Updates on current events and changes to the legal landscape

  • Research support teams to assist users with searches

Additional Tools

Some software includes additional tools to supplement and interpret the information in the vendor’s database. These tools add features such as:

  • Analysis of public records to find information on companies, people, and assets

  • Validation of citations to ensure that cited decisions are still considered good law

  • Infographics showing relationships between cases relevant to a search

  • Assisted document drafting

  • Analytics for specific judges, firms, and case types

Pricing Information

The price for legal research software varies depending on the number of users and the features included. Most vendors use a monthly subscription plan. Per-month costs range from $50 per month to over $600 per month.

Some vendors also offer pay-as-you-go plans, charging per minute used or per document viewed. Vendors may also charge extra fees to view documents outside the scope of a subscription. For instance, some subscriptions only include legal documents from a particular state or region.

Legal Research Products

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7 Ratings

Lexis Advance from LexisNexis is an online legal research database providing access as well as commentary to an extensive library of legal resources, Shepard's Citation System, smart content discovery with Lexis Answers machine learning search and answer system, among other features.

Legal software specialist Aderant offers Handshake, the company's Sharepoint compatible knowledge management platform specifically for law firms featuring access via intranet and extranet portals and an enterprise search tool for locating documentation and expertise, and general KM analytics.

3 Ratings

Thomson Reuters offers Practical Law, a research assistance tool containing up-to-date legal intelligence decisions, aimed at providing strategic advantage to legal teams.

Lexis Search Advantage is a document search and indexing application; platform agnostic, Lexis Search Advantage is meant to integrate with a firm's document management system to make internal knowledge and relevant documents more accessible.

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Walters Klower offers Clarion as a legal research aid, an application dedicated to supporting due diligence and information of use to understanding mergers and business relationships, and client advisement assistance by providing information locating and understanding potential acquisitions.

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Zakta, an Ascendum Solutions company, offers the Zakta Platform, a semantic analysis, concept visualization and advanced search tool.

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Ipro for enterprise (cloud) is offered as a streamlined and flexible workflow for eDiscovery, allowing the user to avoid time delays, errors and budget overruns, and drive productivity. With Ipro for enterprise, data is automatically copied, processed, filtered and loaded into review systems with li…

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Consilio headquartered in Washington, D.C. offers Consilio Complete, a suite of legal services & technologies designed to deliver efficiency, quality, and cost savings for challenges of any size & type supported by Consilio's global experts, workflows, and technology infrastructure.