Financial Risk Management Software

Best Financial Risk Management Software include:

D&B Credit, LivePlan, FactSet, Equifax Credit Risk Insight, and Openlink Rightangle.

Financial Risk Management Software Overview

What is Financial Risk Management Software?

Financial risk management software enable lenders to meet regulatory requirements, but also improve business with your credit risk models.

In assessing loan risk, it's important to have all relevant customer data to hand to assist in making a decision. Many credit risk management tools drawing on public records and multiple proprietary data sources, to provide an understanding of the risk, scoring, profitability potential and creditworthiness of customers and prospects.

There are two basic types of tools: Those that rely on human expertise and judgment, and fully-automated systems. Some of these tools are capable of making instantaneous credit decisions-based models predicated on data, and provide analytics and scoring data to understand the decision drivers.

These systems typically handle multiple currencies and languages providing a global service and also provide management tools like alerting, and the ability to organize and report on customer portfolios.

Financial Risk Management Products

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17 ratings
20 reviews
Kyriba offers cloud treasury and financial management solutions. Kyriba aims to empower financial leaders and their teams with solutions for cash and risk management, payments and supply chain finance. According to the vendor, Kyriba delivers a highly secure, 100% SaaS enterprise platform, superior …
D&B Credit
4 ratings
8 reviews
D&B Credit is a global, cloud-based risk management solution fueled by Dun & Bradstreet’s industry-leading data and analytics. With powerful portfolio segmentation tools, configurable alert monitoring, and easy-to-read digital credit reports, finance and credit professionals can work more ef…
3 ratings
2 reviews
FactSet is a provider of financial data and analytic applications for investment management and investment banking professionals.
7 ratings
2 reviews
LivePlan is business plan software for entrepreneurs. Features include the pitch creation, sample plans, financial assessments, and performance dashboards.
FinScan provides advanced sanctions and PEP compliance solutions. The product helps organizations faced with complex regulatory requirements screen customers, vendors, beneficial owners, and other associates against any internal or third party high-risk, sanctions or black lists. FinScan also offers…
Experian Credit Risk
Experian Risk Management helps lenders understand the aggregate risk, create appropriate credit risk policies and products, identify and retain profitable customers and automate credit granting decisions.
MSCI Real Estate Enterprise Analytics
MSCI headquartered in New York has offered their real estate portfolio analysis and management tool Real Estate Enterprise Analytics.
RiskMetrics RiskManager
MSCI, headquartered in New York, offers RiskMetrics RiskManager, a multi-asset class SaaS framework providing analytics to perform enterprise-wide risk management.
Computer Services, Inc (CSI) headquartered in Paducah, offers the WatchDOG suite of financial risk management applications for banks and financial services enterprises, providing compliance news and management, regulation management, and related features.
Openlink Findur
Openlink Financial, an ION company, offers Findur, a financial risk management and analytics platform.
Openlink Agtech
Openlink Financial, an ION company, offers Agtech (formerly dbcSMARTsoft), a financial risk management and acommodities management and trading platform.
Openlink Rightangle
Openlink Financial, an ION company, offers Rightangle, a financial risk management and commodities trading platform.
CGI HotScan360
CGI offers HotScan360, a fraud detection and financial risk management application for financial institutions, with included reporting and analytics.
Risk Management Solutions (RMS) offers the RMS(one) platform, a risk modeling and management platform for the insurance industry.
Prognoz Credit Portfolio Management
Business Intelligence specialist Prognoz headquartered in Washington, D.C. offers Prognoz Credit Portfolio Management, an application for managing credit risk associated to individual loans and borrowers.
Predict360 Risk Insights
360factors’ Risk Insight product, Predict360 Risk Insights, incorporates internal and external data along with artificial intelligence technology to intelligently predict risks. The vendor claims these insights transform risk management programs into a competitive advantage by delivering information…
Triple Point Energy Trading and Risk Management Software (Commodity XL)
Triple Point’s flagship energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software, Commodity XL®, is an ETRM software that works across multiple commodities in real-time from the front- through the back-office. It delivers functionality for addressing the energy market’s top challenges including price vola…
Finvisage helps users optimise hedging strategies by linking exposures with hedges and create an optimal strategy for mitigating risk. Finvisage enables users to discover price for a range of financial instruments including OTC products and analyse them with What-if scenarios. The Finvisage quotes a…
Emagia Credit Automation
The Emagia Credit Automation Solution is designed to enable consistent, high-quality credit decisions, increasing healthy revenues and minimizing receivables risk. Emagia Credit Management provides a 360-degree view of customers with all credit risk and receivables information integrated in a compre…
Pentana Compliance
Pentana Compliance is a competency management and SMCR software solution that aims to help financial services firms meet regulatory requirements, raise standards and boost productivity while protecting them and their managers against the risks of non-compliance. With it, the vendor states users can…
Eventus Systems headquartered in Austin offers the Validus platform, which provides comprehensive market risk management to any firm in the markets through solutions for alerts, reports and monitoring of key trading functions across multiple asset classes.
Predict360 Peer Insights
Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Predict360 Peer Insights Delivers Configurable Benchmarking Metrics and Reports.Predict360 Peer Insights integrates Reports of Condition and Income (Call Reports) and Uniform Bank Performance Reports (UBPRs) data from FFIEC’s central data repository with th…
Charles River Portfolio Management & Risk Analytics
Charles River Development headquartered in Burlington offers Charles River Portfolio Analytics, a financial risk management platform dedicated to providing data-driven investment decision support.
Indecomm Global Services headquartered in New Jersey offers AuditGenius, a financial risk management tool designed to support mortgage lending and risk management and loan auditing.
DXtrade is an off the shelf trading solution for Forex and CFD brokers boasting robust risk management and back office applications. Its flexibility in settings allows brokers to customize their setup in both their trading platform front ends and brokerage operations. DXtrade has been designed as a…