A great tool if you make websites
May 28, 2014

A great tool if you make websites

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Overall Satisfaction with Decibel Insight

Our design agency helped with some marketing and design for Decibel Insight while it was in development. Once it launched, we started using it with sites that we produce too.Its very helpful when analysing existing client sites, as well as highlighting areas of improvement. Clients really like it because it visually overlays visitors' data on top of their own site layout, and they 'get it' quicker than by looking at graphs or numbers. This makes it easier to make recommendations about layout, content and navigation - when you have the data to hand, it backs up your statements much more effectively.


  • Easy and intuitive. The interface isn't overly complex.
  • Information is presented clearly.
  • Easy to find the information I'm looking for. Again, this is due to the simplicity.
  • The user playback tool is very powerful. It's like a video recording of where the client goes throughout the site.


  • Being able to create groups of segments would be useful.
  • The interface for selecting page types needs more options, it can be difficult to use if you have lots of similar pages.
  • Would be good if top level stats were presented in different ways, or in a more visual way (ie pie charts, graphs).
  • Generating reports - it would be nice if I could export charts and graphs instead of just CSV files.
  • Helps clients buy-in to our redesign proposals.
  • Helps create trust with our clients when they can see clear evidence of our claims.
  • Clients are impressed by it.
Doesn't replace Google Analytics, but serves as a complement to them. Does things that Google cannot do. Other products are quite narrow in scope - they only do one kind of heatmap, or only track visitors. DI is more fully featured as a suite of tools.
I've heard about some new features that are coming online soon to do with tracking forms. They also offer a lead tracking package that we haven't tried yet, but I'm keen to check out.
It doesn't replace traditional analytics tools like Google Analytics, but works best alongside them. Google Analytics is ideal for number crunching and stats, but it can't tell you why the stats are they way they are. DI helps answer those questions, it does things that Google can't do - showing information about clicks or scrolling on a specific page, and showing how much each page element contributes to your bottom line. The user playback tool is very very useful. In combination with the interaction maps, it's a great way to highlight key site issues quickly, and develop strategies of dealing with them.


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