Druva the cloud is NOT the future!
Nadeem Nasir | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 18, 2019

Druva the cloud is NOT the future!

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Overall Satisfaction with Druva inSync

I deployed Insync On-Premise years ago to handle all our end user laptop backups. I needed something on-premise and this fit the bill. The reason why I can't recommend Insync is the push to make On-Premise customers to Cloud customers. This isn't going to work and is short-sighted on management's part.
  • Dashboard gives me a quick and thorough look across all backup operations.
  • Tracking helps me keep track of folks and how to help them in case needed
  • Compression is effective enough to keep all previous employee backups without spending a ton on storage
  • Keep a focus on On-Premise
  • Bring back Share for On-Premise
  • Stop trying to bully people into making decisions you want them to make. Just offer great products and let the consumer decide.
  • Without the backups, my people who go through a lot of laptops would not be nearly as effective to the bottom line
  • Handles all my end point backup needs which lets me focus and grow other areas of IT
  • The amazing engineers have always been there to help with problems quickly as they arise which makes me more available across the firm.
I wouldn't use Druva to protect any cloud apps, I wouldn't want my data jumping to too many places. It defies common sense and basic security principals. Druva should only be used to protect end points such as laptops, desktops and servers. That's it find backup solutions embedded into your cloud app before searching outside for a backup solution. It's like common sense has been replaced by the word cloud.
To be honest I didn't know this was a feature or capability I had, this is something Druva can improve by perhaps sending out to customers more info about the product and feature add that we have what we can look forward too. It shouldn't be structured as a marketing campaign but more of a product update email
I was aware of this but knock on wood haven't had the need to use this yet , however do check the make sure the tool is working on a regular basis. i have full confidence that when i need this function it will work as described so it does give me a huge sense of relief to know it's there.
Aside from Druva taking away the Share feature just to push folks to the cloud, it's perfect for what it does and should have just continued to grow not have clueless management decide they wanted to migrate the on-premise customers to the cloud version and offer the share tool for them, this was just wrong and remains wrong.
These are high quality engineers, they understand the product and where it may not be something all the users fully understand how to manage or maintain and come in with a willingness to help which is much appreciated. I have depended on Druva support a lot and they have never failed me.
Becuase Druva is getting out of the On-Premise business I am having to start looking at alternatives. I really don't but they are forcing this on me and I wish I could reach the right person at Druva to share my frustrations because this is just not fair. Why take a good thing and break it? I just don't understand.
I only know Insync On Premise so can only comment on that but it was a perfect product until Druva started taking away features from it in an attempt to move folks to their cloud offering. They have and are currently destroying this great product. and it's just shame because it's rare to find a product that actually checks every box and Insync before they removed the Share function for no legitimate reason was about perfect.