Best eSign System
April 13, 2021

Best eSign System

David Cole | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with eSign Genie

We use eSign Genie to move contracts through the signing process. It addresses the issue of our customers having to print out, sign, scan, and resend contracts to us. We found we lost some customers during that signing process as our contracts are rather long and include a lot of fine print. Using eSign Genie has solved that problem.
  • Guides customers through the contract signing process.
  • Forwards client-executed contracts to our legal dept for countersignature.
  • Sends all parties a copy of fully executed contracts.
  • eSign Genie is less expensive than other e-signing systems.
  • eSign Genie has actual, LIVE, human support to help assist [in] setting up the process for each document template.
  • I can't think of any real shortcomings in the product.
  • Makes it easy for the customer to sign an agreement.
  • Ensures all parties fill in all blanks in the contracts and agreements.
  • Sends all parties a fully executed version for their records.
  • Closing more sales due to a simplified buying process.
  • Our legal department is happier that contracts are more consistent.
  • Our salespeople prefer it to the old way of paper-based contracts.
I dumped DocuSign because I could not get any customer service from them. They seem to work via email and consistently replied to EVERY customer service request I had with "We were unable to reach you so we will be closing this issue." After the third time they did this (with no email, phone call, or text to me to reach me), I [canceled] my service and looked for an alternative.

eSign Genie was very low cost and offered a free trial. I took them up on it and was "wowed" by their total support. I received LIVE human support immediately and was up and running in minutes. They have been great ever since. I am sold!

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Anytime contracts, agreements, or other documents need to be executed remotely, eSign Genie is a great solution. I would not use it in face-to-face situations where I could hand a document to the other party, but beyond that, it is well suited to every scenario I can imagine. It keeps all the things you need in order and ensures consistency from sale to sale, ensuring no unauthorized changes get made to the agreements you are sending out. Great product, great customer service, low price... what else could you ask for?

Using eSign Genie

2 - 1. Sales manager
2. CEO
1 - Basic internet and software usage experience is all that is required.
  • Making it easy for customers to sign contracts
  • Ensuring consistency between contracts
  • Ensuring all parties execute all parts of the contracts
  • It eliminated a LOT of email and phone calls
  • It sped up our contract process by days
  • We stopped having things "drop through the cracks"
  • SaaS agreement execution
  • SOW (statements of work) for customer approvals
  • Ordering supplies
Low cost, easy to use, secure. It would not be worth changing unless something terrible happened.

Evaluating eSign Genie and Competitors

Yes - DocuSign, because I needed a company where I could talk to a person, get some customer service, and be billed properly. I was not getting any of this from DocuSign so I started looking at alternatives.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Usability. I needed a solution that would ensure my contracts were completed properly. eSign Genie walks each party, in order, through the fields they need to complete. It then sends the document to the next person in line to sign where they need to, and so on. Perfect!
I looked at many solutions and even "test drove" a few. eSign Genie was the easiest for me to use, one of the lowest cost alternatives, and guided each party step-by-step through was had been a challenging process. So, I would not change a thing about my selection process. I believe it was thorough and objective, and in the end yielded the optimal result.

eSign Genie Implementation

There is no implementation at all. You just sign up, upload your documents, set up the fields to complete, and you are done!
Change management was minimal - This was a simple change. The hardest part is getting the salespeople to get used to going to a new URL to send a contract.
  • Finding eSign Genie among the many other alternatives
  • Trying out several others before making the decision to go with eSign Genie

eSign Genie Support

When I first signed up, I bypassed instructions and tried to just figure it out. It was very easy and no instructions were needed. But when I sent out my first contract, my CEO called me and told me I sent him a blank contract. I called support in a panic. They instantly showed me the problem - I had not checked a box to enforce the signing order. They fixed it and no problems since.

It's great that they fixed my issue, but what was even better was their attitude. They were all about how they could help me. I have trained many customer support personnel over the 40+ years I have been in business. eSign Genie has trained their support staff very well! They offer world-class support to even small customers like me. DocuSign let me know they didn't care a bit about my business - eSign Genie showed me they cared and truly wanted to make me a happy customer.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I don't even know if they offer "premium support". My "regular support" was excellent, and I don't need any more than what they already include.
Yep, my first contract was sent blank to my CEO (before the customer signed it). I called eSign Genie in a panic. A person (human) answered the phone! She immediately connected me to another live support agent who quickly figured out I forgot to check the box to "enforce signature order" so the blank contract was sent to the customer and to my boss to countersign at the same time.

Support had me straightened out in minutes and gave me a quick lesson to boot! This is great customer service! I have NOT experienced that with many other vendors.

Using eSign Genie

Super simple - needs almost no instructions to setup and use
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Setting up a new document
  • Placing the fields to be completed
  • Getting the document to the right parties
  • Nothing is very hard to use
  • Need to look at the screen before sending to ensure options are set correctly