Utilizing Evergage for Pop-Up Messages
March 09, 2016

Utilizing Evergage for Pop-Up Messages

Nicole Stratford | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We mainly use the pop up feature. We have several messages for different users driving them to sign up for our newsletter, view an article, take part in a live event, or to deliver a client goal.
  • Gives non- tech users the ability to create messages and pop ups that would otherwise need to know how to write code.
  • Captures segments of users than can be used for messages and for tracking.
  • Customer experience manager always prompt in getting back to us.
  • Weekly training service offered.
  • Were offered extra support and the ability to get pro service (although we have not gotten access to this yet) due to several emerge issues described on next page.
  • Rotation and priority feature does not work together. First we had the rotation feature and were told excellent news that we ALSO have ability to prioritize. However, this was not true. The rotation feature actually turned off when priority became available. Nobody told this to us and our users were getting multiple messages one after an other. I sent in several tickets to support and they kept on sending responses like " I am sorry I can not seem to replicate the issue." It took months and getting our customer experience manager involved to have Evergage tell us the reason was because we can not use both features together. All of our staff got multiple messages so I am not sure why support could not find the issue during testing. Now Evergage turned rotation back on for us but we are not able to use the priority feature. It seems odd that we can not use both.
  • Actions did not work due to old mapping. I created several actions and realized the messages were not being shown on the current pages. I had to shut down all of my campaigns and I was then told it was due to having old mapping. I think the mapping should be looked out closely for clients and should be remapped frequently to avoid the issues I had.
  • I would like to see a master campaign rule feature. I have so many campaigns and I can not prioritize easily and put into the system mechanisms that will effect all my campaigns. I guess priority was going to try and solve that but we can not use it.
  • The front end user interface is is sometimes buggy. The move to back and move to front button does not work for me or my associate. We end up creating messages in Photoshop and placing them as images but I imagine this is not ideal to members who don't use Photoshop.
  • The support used to be very very fast and efficient last year. In the past year several months I have seen messages not get answers or issues not getting enough attention. It seems due to the growth of Evergage that the support area needs more engineers.
  • The cost to create several messages has saved us in development expenses.
  • I would calculate an actual ROI number but since we have had so many users get multiple messages due to the rotation and priority feature not working together and not knowing it wasn't working for months, I can not calculate the negative effects to our user experience.
I was not with the company when the decision to use Evergage was made. We renewed our contract several months ago because the benefits seemed to outweigh the cost and didn't want to have to learn a new personalization SAAS. However, we have had several issues this year and are hoping they get resolved or we will definitely have to evaluate other companies to see if it makes sense to move forward with Evergage for a third year.
For us it's really about the pop up messages. The inline and call outs are great features but we haven't taken advantage of all it has to offer yet.