Freshdesk is a less expensive and fully capable support ticketing system
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September 26, 2017

Freshdesk is a less expensive and fully capable support ticketing system

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Overall Satisfaction with Freshdesk

Freshdesk is deployed as the primary case management tool used by technical support and engineering.
  • From the agent standpoint Freshdesk is highly optimized for all the tasks a support agent does on a regular basis. The team that designed the UX clearly spent a lot of time talking to folks in the support world.
  • From the user standpoint the UX is also very optimized. Customers have told me its very easy to open cases, get updates and see status across all cases.
  • The system is hosted and thus required no infrastructure on our part - a huge benefit. In addition, we've had no issues with the system being unavailable for either agents or customers.
  • The reporting in Freshdesk is sufficient but not enterprise level. You can do a lot of filtering on the built in reports, but there's not a lot of flexibility to create custom reports from scratch. They've done their research and the built in reports will likely be satisfactory for all but large enterprises. However, if you are a data/analyst junkie - investigate reporting heavily before you purchase.
  • The community/ecosystem for Freshdesk while growing is still a bit small. Many, but not all of the major apps have integrations but you should look at their published integrations list carefully to make sure any anticipated integrations will be relatively easily to implement.
  • The impact of Freshdesk has been highly positive. We had no reporting in place prior, but customer feedback has indicated both our response and resolution times (both of which we can now report on) have improved greatly. This has led to an increase in customer satisfaction ratings.
Freshdesk plays very well against it's competitors. There is always more than one tool for any job - and it's about choosing the right tool. Freshdesk is less expensive than its competitors - orders of magnitude less expensive than Salesforce, and has about 80% of the functionality.
Freshdesk has the ability to monitor social networks for support questions as well as the ability to respond via social channels. We use this feature only lightly but it seems very adequate.
Engaging customers on support cases is very easy with Freshdesk. As mentioned the UX for both agents and customers is highly optimized to facilitate communications. In addition being able monitor and reply to questions via social channels is a big plus.
As mentioned previously, data collection and reporting is sufficient for most business. Large business with the need to run custom reports might find certain parts fo the data collection, monitoring and reporting a bit lacking for their needs.
Freshdesk has done a very good job with creating the most often used reports, and KPIs in the support industry; however there is no capability to do custom, ad-hoc reporting. You are limited to filtering on the out of box reports - which continues to grow and improve. For all but very large businesses you will find the reporting and analysis tools more than sufficient.
Freshdesk is best suited for small and medium businesses. It also plays well with many large business, but is likely not an ideal candidate for very large enterprises where integration with other apps and custom development is a likely requirement.

Freshdesk is also well suited for very small businesses and sole proprietorships as their have both free and very inexpensive plans. Even if you are only a 1-person support shop, just having cases kept in a case management system, instead of email, will make your life much easier.