FunctionFox was the perfect starting point for our business, where time is our work product
November 28, 2018

FunctionFox was the perfect starting point for our business, where time is our work product

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Overall Satisfaction with FunctionFox

We use FunctionFox across our entire organization to track our time. As a service business (marketing agency), our time is our work product, so it's essential to keep accurate records. We started out with FunctionFox when we had just two people, so this was one of our first and most important paid applications that we added to support the business. Today we have grown to 7 users, and the system has effortlessly grown with us.
  • With only a couple clicks I can still easily pull reports by employee on a weekly basis which provide the information I need to run payroll.
  • I pull reports by client each month for our monthly client billings, which we have broken down by project so I can easily see how our time was spent on their account.
  • We set a budget for the approved number of hours we can apply to any one project for the month, and the system provides the project manager with a warning as the limit comes near. That function has been fantastic!
  • FunctionFox's Help Desk personnel are wonderful, providing an exceptionally personalized experience. They take their time, and will even schedule a call to go into greater depth, such as an entire account review just to ensure you're able to use all the product features to your company's best advantage. Our entire team jumped on a half hour call a couple months ago, and she answered ALL of our questions, including providing us with info on some features we hadn't realized even existed.
  • We've found it difficult to add new Clients since you need to manually add each of the different types of Projects and Tasks.
  • We have also had to customize it a bit to account for personnel who bill out at multiple different rates, depending on the type of project they're working on.
  • Unfortunately, FunctionFox doesn't currently integrate with QuickBooks, so our move to QBOnline last year means that we still need to manually type in hours and projects when creating a QBO invoice. Integration with QBO has ultimately turned out to be a "must have" feature for us as we've grown, so we'll be moving to T-Sheets in 2019. But I must admit, leaving FunctionFox has been a very difficult choice.
  • FunctionFox has been our very first time tracking application for the business, so it's helped ensure we're billing out for all the time worked on our client's behalf. Or at least we are able to see how much time we consciously decide NOT to bill.
  • With greater visibility of our data, we're able to track employee efficiency. For instance, we are able to see the # of hours that are billable vs. non-billable per week, so everyone now sees their billable % stats with each paycheck.
  • The cost of FunctionFox is low, and you're not billed for archived users so it's been a great value for the money. It only helps us produce revenue, with exceptionally little cost. This product fulfills a much needed service in the arena of essential apps for small businesses.
We evaluated FunctionPoint and Maven Link, but both were more than what we wanted to spend so FunctionFox won that contest. We'll be moving to T-Sheets even though it doesn't provide the best overall fit for our business, since it comes at about the same price as FunctionFox but integrates with QuickBooks Online.
FunctionFox seems particularly well suited for tracking time where there is one billing rate for each individual rather than the scenario where one person is billed out to clients at different rates. It would seem to be most appropriate for smaller organizations (< 10 people) since those with more people would certainly need the ability to have it integrate with QuickBooks. For the price though, it's great for those smaller companies. As we've grown, we've found other applications that are more expensive and more highly adapted to Marketing Agencies in particular. Plus, we now track our expenses directly in QuickBooks vs. using that FunctionFox feature (since the two don't integrate, there's no reason to track them in both places).