Gainsight & Salesforce go hand and hand!
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August 14, 2019

Gainsight & Salesforce go hand and hand!

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Overall Satisfaction with Gainsight

Gainsight is being used primarily by our Customer Success Management and Implementation Services teams.

Our primary drivers for adopting & using Gainsight are:
  • Customer source of truth with a record of customer history
  • Consistent customer experience across CSMs & Implementation Specialists
  • Risk identification & management
  • Customer marketing
  • Lifecycle management
  • Reduced time to onboard new staff
  • Reduced time to first value
  • Customer source of truth: the C360 view of the customer is unparalleled. It gives our CSMs a true view of everything going on with the account in one place. Getting ready for client meetings is much easier when there's only one place you need to look!
  • Salesforce Integration: if you're using SFDC as your CRM, Gainsight is a no brainer! Our sales organization has a quick view of what's going on with the customer in the widget and on the other end, our CSMs have a view of what's going on in terms of expansions via opportunity records surfaced in the C360.
  • Information Surfacing: Gainsight is great at surfacing the information you need in a JIT fashion via CTAs & linked objects.
  • Zendesk Integration: Zendesk integration is extremely rigid and hard to customize. We have struggled to properly surface our customer support tickets in Gainsight.
  • Release communications: I've been caught off guard by pages totally redone with no warning and no explanation of the new workflows of those pages (particularly in Administration).
I've reached out to their support organisation and in multiple scenarios I get confusing, contradictory responses from their team. I find this especially true after a release when I'm looking for guidance in navigating new features/workflows - they seem just as confused as me sometimes!
This is especially important for our executives in getting a quick snapshot of individual accounts. We've really tried to drive Sally adoption amongst our executive team to make this information more accessible to them as well.
  • Reduced 'real' onboarding time by approximately a week (playbooks go a long way in guiding our new CSMs!)
We went with Gainsight above Totango or ChurnZero primarily because of the maturity of their organization. They are the market & thought leaders on Customer Success management and we wanted that in our corner when maturing our own CS organization. Gainsight is also the most seamless to integrate with Salesforce which was a large driving factor as well.
Zendesk: we have a preliminary connection to Zendesk but it's not as robust as we would like it to be (the scope it works for is very limited in our organization). In the cases it does work, it helps our CSMs identify when they need to get involved in support tickets.
Well suited:
- There is a dedicated CSM team with a 1:1 assignment of accounts.
- More mature CS organization with defined processes for your CSM team.

Less appropriate:
- There is a services fulfillment team that does not have access to Salesforce—the lack of direct integrations with other tools makes it hard to communicate with other teams.
- Less mature CS organization with no real processes defined.

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