A Must Have for any Customer Success Organization (and more)
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August 24, 2019

A Must Have for any Customer Success Organization (and more)

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Overall Satisfaction with Gainsight

Gainsight is not only used in our Customer Success organization, but also cross-functionally as well. We use Gainsight to provide historical data on all our merchants (High Touch, Low Touch, and No Touch). We use it for many different functions, some of them being sending out mass email campaigns, sending out all types of surveys (NPS, various CSAT). Some other teams that utilize Gainsight are Product, Implementations, Account Management, and Customer Marketing. We have developed Gainsight to be our tracking platform for a lot of our campaigns, as well as a platform where anyone on other teams (who have a license) can view responses or view historical data on a merchant, such as updates that have been inputted by the CSM's in the past, or emails that have been logged, etc. Gainsight is a great tool-- if not for it, we would essentially be using a notebook, or a very cluttered excel spreadsheet for each client. Being able to log all kinds of updates (email, call, meetings) and assigning action items directly to users who are involved is a very seamless process, and Gainsight has helped us with that. It has also helped us with providing daily alerts based on usage data to help CSM's be notified whenever there are spikes or negative trends with our customers.
  • Ease of note-taking/activity updates for customers; being able to assign action items directly within the platform.
  • Surveys with in-box NPS features. Surveys are very easy to create and choose contact lists from, and very straight-forward to configure.
  • Configurability by an administrator to make Gainsight beneficial not just to a CS organization, but for cross-functional players as well.
  • Connectors between Gainsight and s3 can be a little iffy sometimes and cause false ingest failures.
  • More configuration for alerts when CTA's get triggered. It could be more in-depth for specific CTA Types/Reason codes etc.
Overall support for Gainsight is great. Asides from a dedicated Customer Success Manager, there are multiple ways of reaching out to them, which makes it super easy depending on the type of question you are trying to ask. They also have support forums where you can first check to see if any other users have encountered your issue in the past. The only thing is that you have to know that these options are available in order for you to fully utilize them (email, webchat).
It is very very very important. In our organization, we have dashboards for all our CS managers, which gives them a complete overview of all accounts' health, as well as profitability, losses, etc. It also gives an instant idea of workload based on open tasks that are created either automatically or manually by CSM's on the team. We also utilize Gainsight for weekly at risk meetings, for which we utilize features within Gainsight to assign tasks to people including executives.
  • Increasing NPS. Our NPS score in the past year has increased exponentially, and Gainsight has made that possible with their Journey Orchestration feature.
  • Identify churn risk customers via automated rules and CSM task creation. This allows us to also forecast churn on a monthly basis, which helps give executives an idea of where our touch clients are headed.
  • Helps us with customer success qualified leads (CSQL) creation, which then in turn automatically creates an opportunity for the account manager. Seamless integration (with some quirks) has made this process fluid.
We push all our usage data into Gainsight using amazon s3 connector. It is pushed on a 2-hour interval basis, and from that we currently aggregate the data within Gainsight. In a perfect world, we would like to have it be calculated outside of Gainsight for the data to be identical across the board. We also push our health score data into redshift, which is then reported on in other BI tools we use. It is a key element in our workflow because this is the data that we base all our automated CTA's from. Without this, it would be very hard to receive notifications about usage data regarding our customers.
Gainsight for a customer success organization is essential. It gives account managers or CSM's a one-stop-shop view of all their customers, and with the dashboards that can be configured, they can have an easy outlook as to why a merchant's overall health score may have dropped or improved. Some scenarios where it is less appropriate, however, would be Sales or Risk, etc, just due to the limitations of the product and how catered to it is for customers and updates/historical information on them.

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