HBase, The Only Enterprise NoSQL Choice
April 06, 2018

HBase, The Only Enterprise NoSQL Choice

Timothy Spann | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with HBase

HBase is being used by multiple organizations and internally it is used company-wide. it solves a large range of problems and provides unique solutions when we need a NoSQL store.

HBase provides the best of breed solutions for any NoSQL storage needs. One of the main important features is it is part of the HDP Hortonworks stack so it is installed by default so there's nothing else to install or configure. It is easy to administer with Ambari and scales to any size I need. It runs on top of HDFS so my data is safe, secure and scalable.

I use it as a store for data that is ingested via various streaming mechanisms including Apache NiFi, Apache Storm, Apache Spark Streaming, Apache Flink and Streaming Analytics Manager. It provides an easy key-value type store with fast scans for data access. I also run Apache Phoenix on top to provide a fast clean SQL interface to all of my data.
  • Scalability. HBase can scale to trillions of records.
  • Fast. HBase is extremely fast to scan values or retrieve individual records by key.
  • HBase can be accessed by standard SQL via Apache Phoenix.
  • Integrated. I can easily store and retrieve data from HBase using Apache Spark.
  • It is easy to set up DR and backups.
  • Ingest. It is easy to ingest data into HBase via shell, Java, Apache NiFi, Storm, Spark, Flink, Python and other means.
  • Not for small data
  • Requires a cluster
  • It is affordable, so it saves money
  • It scales, so it allows for storage of everything, saving valuable data
  • It removes the need for expensive proprietary data stores
  • It saves money by allowing for offload from expensive RDBMS and paid storage
HBase is what you should use if you want a production ready scalable, JSON friendly, key-value, NoSQL, enterprise storage option. It excels over MongoDB due to integration with the extensive Hadoop stack and all the tools, frameworks and benefits there.

HBase has superior workloads, a SQL interface and is an easy option for anyone already using Hadoop or real Big Data.

HBase scales to massive levels without backup, indexing or cost issues.
There is not reason not to continue using HBase. HBase has a strong robust growing community of committers and developers. It is a well-supported Apache project. A number of large software vendors such as Hortonworks, IBM and Microsoft support and host it.

HBase has released a new version with more robust features and capabilities. This is the only choice for enterprise NoSQL store whether on-premise or in a cloud or in a multicloud deployment.

I highly recommend it.

One factor that makes it great is the support via community.hortonworks.com for the community. There are also great meetups and a HBaseCon.
HBase is well suited for streaming ingest, fast lookups, massive datasets, data warehouse lookup tables, RDBMS replacement, MongoDB replacement, key-value store, data scans, logs, JSON storage and some binary storage.

My preferred use case is for storing data points like time series or data produced by sensors.

I often use HBase when I need data available immediately and I am not looking for transactions. This is a great store for really wide tables with tons of columns. It is also great if you are not sure what type of data you are going to have. It really excels at sparse data.

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