Captures Your "Inner Spielberg"
September 03, 2018

Captures Your "Inner Spielberg"

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Overall Satisfaction with iMovie

We do a lot of research and video interviews of millennials, as they find their "Who I Am." Our Chief Creative Officer, Chris McCarthy, was getting interviews with celebrities and CEOs who were remote. So we used Zoom. But Chris wanted to be even more creative, writing his own songs to the videos and adding in voiceovers that would enhance the experience for the audience and the interviewees.

It was difficult to choose the right tech that would be powerful, yet super easy to work with. We went to the Apple store, got some training in a demo, and we were up and running the very next day! I use it now too.


  • Editing precisely so you can cut, then test for perfect, then re-cut from the original without losing anything
  • Enhance the experience of the original video and craft even more content from the outtakes.
  • Easy to use - lets you create fearlessly, as you don't have to worry that you'll lose what you created and you can "just create".


  • My OS X was outdated for the version of iMovie we needed. So we had to Google how to match HW with SW without buying an entire new Mac. There should be some easier options for when this happens. We ended up using Chris's iPad as it was much newer.
  • We'd like to see even more tutorials for the things we can do now. Voice-overs and adding music were easy, but it's pretty intense SW and learning by video is the best option.
  • We had an mp4 video we were working with and we learned the hard way that it's best to always go back to the original. The challenge was, the original had a ton of edits and the changes we needed to make in the last iteration were miniscule. It seems there should be a much cleaner way to do that without losing clarity in the last video.
  • iMovie let us meet our deadline and exceed our client's expectations with our first project. We were on a tight deadline to deliver a final cut on a high profile celebrity interview. We had it on an mp4 but there were several edits we had to make, and there was no time to retake. No other solution we looked at fit our needs for easy-to-use and accuracy of editing without losing the core content.
  • iMovie exceeded our expectations even more after our first project by allowing us to deep dive into all that it now allowed us to do. We created many new revenue offerings by adding voiceover, our own music and getting super creative with all of our outtakes from our existing content. It allows our entire creative team to be fearless at trying new things without worrying about corrupting the original content. Our first project paid off the original investment, so all of that new revenue was ours to keep as margin.
  • iMovie does what we wish all technology did - its job! We can keep our creative teams doing what they do best and not have them waste expensive time and brainshare wrestling with technology.
iMovie has all the capability most video producers need. Great videos are made in the editing because the right content is already there. Adobe has a great product but their editing software doesn't have to be that intense, as when it is, it takes away from the great creative intelligence that's already in there. We have several Adobe products but their film editing options are unnecessarily complex (and far too expensive.) Using Adobe we were corrupting original video more than we were editing. Final Cut is great product too, but it's overkill for us.

In a world where entire Sundance Film Festival winning films can be made entirely on an iPhone 5, the video-editing software needs to be just what we've found iMovie to be: Simple to use, brilliantly capable, and affordable.
Every video can be made better using iMovie. You get to really personalize any video for any audience this way. We had a fishing video of a young girl making a great catch, and it could be used for many audiences as it captured her deserved pride that she exceeded her uncle's fish catch. We can now add songs that are more melody, and re-edit to add fierce competitiveness. Basically you can shoot a video once, and then edit endlessly, allowing repurposing and personalization any way you wish.


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