Sometimes it's "Confusionsoft," but overall an extremely capable, and continually improving CRM primarily for small B2C
Updated June 16, 2015

Sometimes it's "Confusionsoft," but overall an extremely capable, and continually improving CRM primarily for small B2C

Tyler Guthrie | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Infusionsoft

We are not the typical Infusionsoft customer. We provide B2B services to the private duty home care industry. We help home care businesses measure satisfaction and we provide them with data and resources to aid them in growing. Infusionsoft is our database of leads and customers. We send out many emails each month, use 500+ tags to label our contact records, and run dozens of campaigns to engage prospects and nurture customers. We have a lot of automation set up around our sales pipeline and all of our sales process is tracked in Infusionsoft. We also have a few products that we sell using the E-Commerce functions. Infusionsoft is used by about 11 individuals on our management team.

Infusionsoft is pretty focused on automation. Within our business, it addresses the problems we have in sales with tracking progress throughout our sales stages. We are a fairly small team so it helps us automate a lot of our processes and keep our staff focused on what's more important without having to hire more employees to handle all the loads.
  • Build campaigns/automation.
  • The Campaign Builder is the best way we have found to create automation sequences. The visual builder is great for quickly outlining processes that we need to automate. You can automate emails, web forms, tags, contact record fields, sales stages, contact record notes, and much more. It takes a while to really master the Campaign Builder, and fully understand how the logic works, but once you do it is a very powerful tool for taking an idea of what you want to happen and making it real.
  • Support.
  • You will inevitably need to contact support at some point. Their support chat feature is pretty good. You can usually get a rep to help you almost instantly. Reps are usually knowledgeable and friendly.
  • Third party support and plugins.
  • The Infusionsoft community is growing and there are lots of plugins and services available to help enhance almost every aspect of Infusionsoft. If there is something Infusionsoft can't do, there is usually a product/service to fill in the gaps.
  • Lack of polish/refinement - Infusionsoft lacks a lot of polish. They are slowly making improvements, but it appears that the foundation that Infusionsoft was built on wasn't particularly well thought out. So much can be done in terms of layout, and usability. There could be improvements everywhere. Searching for contact records with advanced searches is time consuming and once you have criteria selected, it won't tell you what you selected. You have to go back through several tabs with long lists of dozens and dozens of fields to make sure you selected the right criteria. We have 500 tags which isn't common, but there is no way to search and select them. There is just a short box that we have to scroll through. It is tedious to select multiple tags and one wrong click can force you to start the process over. You have to hold down CTRL to selct multiple tags. In other places, Infusionsoft lets you search for tags which is great, but if you don't know exactly what you are searching for, it's nearly useless. Sometimes the search won't bring back the right results and it doesn't like it if you search with more than one word.
  • Infusionsoft is primarily for B2C - We are a B2B and probably aren't the typical user. We still make due with what Infusionsoft has to offer and we haven't yet found a worthy competitor that would make it worth the switch. The lack of features for B2B creates some difficulty for our sales team. You can try and tie contact records to companies, but functionality is limited and if a users fills out a form and doesn't enter the same exact company name, they will get unlinked.
  • Reporting - This has always been a weakness. The reports offered by Infusionsoft are lacking. You have a lot of reports and a lot of options, but you can never get quite what you want. Dashboard widgets are capable, but take a lot of time and maintenance to set up and maintain. This is where the Infusionsoft marketplace fills in the gap, but this brings on a large additional cost, and it's shame Infusionsoft can't get reporting right. Users have been complaining about this for years.
  • E-Commerce - Infusionsoft has an E-Commerce module, but it is lacking in features and customizability. The shopping cart is dated and clunky. Much refinement is needed.
  • Speed - Sometimes Infusionsoft is extremely slow. Pages take a while to load. Building campaigns will leave you waiting sometimes 10 minutes for a campaign to publish after making a few small changes. Performance can be improved in a lot of areas of the app to make it faster. We have a very fast connection and still experience slowness often. Some times it's especially slow and unresponsive, and other times it's bearable. Dashboard widgets take a long time to load as well. Everything needs some optimization work.
  • We've used the campaign builder to launch powerful campaigns and automation of web forms for our site to attract more leads than ever before.
  • Without some sort of digital tracking method, our sales team would be many times less effecient.
  • Email has played a huge role in marketing our business and keeping in contact with our current client base. Without the ability to blast out emails to our subscribers, our growth would be significantly less.
We haven't used Salesforce, but we evaluated it and found that it wasn't at all worth the large increase in cost. No other CRM we have come across has a Campaign Builder like Infusionsoft does. Infusionsoft is priced pretty competitively.
Infusionsoft is incredible for a small business. It offers some powerful tools and great automation regardless of the refinement. If you are willing to invest the time into Infusionsoft and get things set up right; you can see some great results. It can be a huge time saver. For B2B, you should know that Infusionsoft is limited and you may have to great creative to get it to work for your business.

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WYSIWYG email editor
Landing pages
Email deliverability reporting
List management
Triggered drip sequences
Lead nurturing
Lead scoring and grading
Data quality management
Automated sales alerts and tasks
Standard reports
Custom reports
Role-based workflow & approvals

Using Infusionsoft

We have invested a lot into Infusionsoft and are using it to automate our processes and marketing. Changing CRMs would have a HUGE cost for us and based on our evaluations, the grass isn't greener elsewhere. Infusiosoft fits most of our needs and is slowly getting better each year. Their support is great and we will continue to use them until something much better comes around or our company outgrows a small business CRM.