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July 17, 2015

More like....InsideOutView!

Zachary Lyndaker | TrustRadius Reviewer
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InsideView for Sales

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  • I am the Product Manager of this application for our Company. Its an amazing tool that allows for seamless targeted prospecting that will indeed help your sales teams get in and win with customized and relevant report.

Overall Satisfaction with InsideView

We currently leverage InsideView across our Inside Sales, Sales and Service departments, which encompasses about 750 users total. Our Inside Sales team uses it in unison with to pull quick insights and create custom reports. Sales uses the list views and watchlists particularly to create high impact targeted lists that triangulate business in their territory and companies they or someone else at our company has a connection to, and our services uses it to upsell and maintain the relationship with our existing client base. It's a cost effective solution that solves the problem of info resources being siloed across the internet, meaning that it allocates all this data in one place. There's a stat that if sales people spend even 8% less time doing the research on each prospect that they are likely to hit their quotas 10% more often, which can be life or death come EOQ.
  • Better connections than LinkedIn as you can add outlook contacts and affiliates from academia and past employment
  • Great integration with to hasten the drudgery of data entry by auto creating Accounts and Contacts in Salesforce from the IV database
  • Could use better metrics to evaluate ROI
  • Wish there were some custom controls to turn off some of the features for some of our user groups on the full site e.g. exporting directly to protect our resources. Syncing one at a time to SFDC is sufficient and protects this asset.
  • Fast Lead conversion for sure. Easier to get people on the hook when they are talked to like humans and presented a specific argument for why they should be using our product.
  • Increased productivity and less of a time waste for our sales teams that are getting those tabula rasa leads from where ever. They are able to segment them and allocate their time prospecting to each business differently depending on the confidence they glean between the intel they have and the warm network tied to the company.
It's flat out more robust, cheaper, and if you are creative you can get around the weening off InMails as your primary touch base scheme. Properly using InsideView allows your sales team to create relevant reports throughout the sales lifecycle. Furthermore on this topic, it gives you the current events through watchlists and social media streaming that you can use to really build YOUR BRAND as a sales professional in your territory and ecosystem. It allows you to build targeted prospect lists.
Definitely know what you're addressable market is and ask them to run the list prior. Ours is massive as we are a nationwide company and we are very satisfied with this company database asset. I can see how some may have a very niche customer segment and you'd want to check that out against their database beforehand.