First Try Then Believe - Jama Connect - Make Your Project A Success
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May 09, 2019

First Try Then Believe - Jama Connect - Make Your Project A Success

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Overall Satisfaction with Jama Connect

Jama Connect is used as a core base for requirement gathering of all clients in our Organization. All departments in our whole organization are dependent on Jama Connect when it comes to requirement gatherings of projects from clients as well as vendors. This is an effective portal for any organization that provides multiple services.
  • One can access all its client projects with a single set of credentials.
  • Advance search option is also available apart from regular search in a project which makes an easy job to filter for items.
  • Compare option is available for the versions to compare the updates made on previous requirements.
  • Recent activities and chats of other colleagues working on the same project can be seen.
  • Most important is the HELP icon that enables you to understand the workflow in Jama Connect.
  • Some additional tutorials can be added in the HELP icon that could make the user familiar with all of the functionality of Jama Connect.
  • Many icons are too small to find in the first place. Need a visual tutorial to know about their functionality in detail.
  • Positive ROI for any IT organization that works on client-based projects.
  • From a business point of view, it can consolidate ones work into one place, where a person can see all their project details and workflow in one place.
  • It is better to get client requirements gathered in Jama Connect than messing around with emails to get some specific details that one searches for.

Any Organization needs a platform that can fulfill business objectives and is easy to understand and handle. Jama Connect helps in achieving business goals by providing many efficient functionalities that are easy to understand and suitable to use in client projects.

Comparing Version tools, Chatting options, Activity logs, etc. features make the workflow smooth and compatible enough to make the organization projects go smoothly.

When compared to other technologies or approaches, Jama Connect can be said as a platform that has too many features and functionalities.

Jama Connect has a feature to reflect daily activities and workflow going on any client project.

Reviews and streaming collaboration can be made or done by any employee on its respective project.

Therefore, traceability of requirements can be maintained through this.

Share Point is a previous platform that is used by my Organization for requirements gathering from a client for Project.

Jama Connect is a far better platform for the requirements gathering that I can see. It has many features that are not available in Share Point platform, that makes employee work too easy to get clear cut information that one searching for and also helps in easier classification of information gathered from the client.

Jama Connect makes ones work too easy if one can get handy with it. There are so many features to explore in it.

Just one thing is that a new user will need to explore Jama Connect very deeply by oneself as there are no tutorials for all of the icons present in Jama to explain their functionality.