Top Tier End User Security Training KnowBe4
March 01, 2021

Top Tier End User Security Training KnowBe4

David Kontur | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

KnowBe4 is being used by my company for more than IT security training. We have campaigns that cover AML training, Anti Sexual Harassment Training, and of Course IT Security Training. We often utilize the non skip version so we know that users are watching the full content of the courses we select. As well every course we push out has a quiz behind it to see if end users are retaining the content being taught. Overall a pretty solid product and we have no reason to even consider using other vendors to deliver our training for a variety of requirements we have to fulfill.
  • Relevency.
  • Quality information.
  • Consistency.
  • Easy to learn/understand.
  • Improving course selection.
  • expanded security roles.
  • Ease of reporting.
  • Increased awareness.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Cybercrime curiosity.
  • Teaching Think Before you Act.
KnowBe4 is leaps and bounds ahead of these competitors and more that we researched against. Overall KnowBe4 continues to stay even more relevant and ahead of the game. The competitors out there are often to obsessed with using buzzwords and fancy marketing terminology. All the while KnowBe4 really strikes me as a company that was written by IT security folks who actually understand how to reach a greater target audience and know how to keep people regardless of their technology understanding or usage of it on their job well informed and prepared to help defend the network.
The impact of having a vast availability of fresh training content and different content publishers has only greatly enhanced our ability to stay relevant with the times. As well help us to condense a lot of our training into one platform versus having to go use several different vendors simply to have a once a year class. The case with KnowBe4 is you have many different options to look over, review, and then if the courses are satisfactory supply them to your end users. If the course(s) you selected don't meet the requirements the greatest part is you can simply go back to the vast content library and repeat the same process. I will say I've only ever had to do one trial run of every course before seeing that it meets the needs for our campaign/training requirements.
We handle user management within the KnowBe4 Platform by using their automated active directory sync tool. As well its a fairly simple and easy enough tool to use. Nothing is super complicated about it. Also on the console side of KnowBe4 we use created groups since we have very clear departments at our company.
The most important metrics we use are people actually getting their training down on time? What percentage of users are falling for phishing campaigns? What groups people are apart of. Overall no one report is more important than another at our company. Some are just used or requested more but we do our best to use any and all reporting capabilities we get from KnowBe4.
KnowBe4 Security Awareness training is great for your IT security training needs. They have a vast knowledge base of materials and content to provide for any industry and regardless of company size. They have been helping us meet our auditory needs for quite awhile now and we will continue to work with them. Some scenarios where they might not be appropriate for is gamification.