Kofax Power PDF Review
August 26, 2020

Kofax Power PDF Review

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Power PDF Advanced

Overall Satisfaction with Kofax Power PDF (formerly Nuance Power PDF)

We initially implemented Kofax Power PDF as an alternative to the higher costs of using Adobe, in order to go nearly fully electronic as opposed to printing an exorbitant amount of legal documents when analyzing properties. Our entire team in multiple states is using the product now, and it has cut my personal paper usage from 10 reams per month to less than 1 ream per month by allowing me to print to PDF and easily manage documents into one finished product for our clients.
  • It is very easy to use and straightforward for figuring out the basic and intermediate level usages. I was able to switch from Adobe almost seamlessly.
  • They keep the cost to a minimum compared to other options. As a smaller company, this allowed us to purchase the product for each of our employees and the cost has easily been paid off in paper usage savings as well as productivity.
  • Small details can be a bit quirky. The highlight and cross-out functions, for instance, are often glitchy, and when trying to highlight a small portion I constantly end up selecting the entire selection. I have found that I just manually use the pencil instead, though it's a bit sloppier. I can at least control the speed in which I can go through lists and documents to tick and tie details.
  • I wish that you could label entire documents (not just bookmark) so that if you need to reorder entire documents you don't have to figure out which pages in document view correlate and then move them. It'd be great if in the bookmarks as you move the bookmarks it correlated to the entire document so you could easily reorder the docs.
  • When viewing the document in normal view, Adobe naturally resizes each page so that as you click on a bookmark, even if the sizes of separate documents are different, it will automatically resize so you do not have to constantly hit the zoom functions to get back to the same view you were on with the previous document. When I am clicking through my bookmarks in Kofax, I'm constantly having to do this, either by clicking the + magnifier multiple times after clicking the fit to page. It seems small but as a large portion of my job is reviewing the docs in this way. It's become quite frustrating and often I will just open them in Adobe viewer still.
  • I have reduced my personal paper usage from nearly 10 reams per month to less than 1 ream, which is consistent among our entire staff and thus we have had significant savings in that respect, not to mention the time saved from no longer needing to scan as many documents back in after printing and overall increasing speed of completing work orders.
  • Certainly, our clients are happier with the organization of the reports we are providing for them, and more particularly the ability to create a table of contents and bookmarks so that they can quickly navigate our final product. In turn, I think we have further solidified being the go-to for our clients over other potential competitors.
  • It has led to a noticeably more positive attitude for many of our employees, feeling less burdened with piles of papers lying around their desks, and feeling more in control of their workloads.
I honestly have preferred to use both of the above software more than Kofax Power PDF, however, this was a cost-effective option and now that we have all been using it long enough, we all agree it is sufficient for our needs and will stick with it.
I have not utilized any support thus far. I had initially written down some of the concerns or questions I have expressed in this review, but never got around to attempting to contact anybody from the company to get further support or answers. If anything, in particular, becomes enough of an issue then I will reach out.

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I enjoy using Kofax Power PDF for combining, organizing, and labeling documents in order to present a nicely organized final product to our clients. I find it to be very useful for this, which is the main function of my job. I do not find it as appropriate for viewing documents quickly as other programs I have used and often still lean towards a different program for viewing. Also, some of the mark-up functionality such as redaction, highlighting, etc. seem to be lacking compared to others. It certainly is a program I will continue to use for multiple scenarios.

It is adequate for our organizational needs. It could use small fine-tuning, but we're overall happy and would recommend it.