Very Innovative Omnichannel Solution for Support Teams
February 13, 2019

Very Innovative Omnichannel Solution for Support Teams

Meagan McKinnon | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Kustomer

We use Kustomer for our entire Operations department - so 90%+ of the daily tasks multiple departments do are handled in there. We have shared inboxes for our support teams and other incoming tasks like location builds are measured in Kustomer. We also utilize many "collaborator" accounts to give read-only access to the rest of our org, so that they can click in and see exactly the case/details we're referencing in conversations, bug tickets, etc.
  • Workflows - create webhooks, API endpoints, etc and build out triggers, condition steps and actions. With workflows we pull in user activity, automate some casework (like keeping OOO replies out of the shared inbox) and assign teams/datapoints .
  • Releasing new features - since we signed with Kustomer they're iterated on a number of features and frankly, release so many new things that we can't even keep up with the advancements. Really impressive work.
  • The idea of viewing a customer as a whole entity and not just their individual support tickets. In a timeline, you can see purchases made, conversations, NPSS scores, etc. Really bolsters our confidence in judging their value as a consumer when you look at all those datapoints in one place
  • Navigation for Admins / in Settings - the navigation area of the admin panel has gotten a lot of new additions but they're always just a static list. I'd prefer seeing collapsible categories or items organized alphabetically as a short-term solution
  • Seemingly untraceable glitches, which require frequent refreshing. It's very odd, but my team has always noticed a certain amount of blank screens or inaccuracies on pages, whcih causes us to not have as much trust in the product and spend our days refreshing a lot. Each time I've submitted support tickets about this, the issue magically disappears and "can't be recreated"
  • There was definitely a big faux pas recently with them when negotiating a service be added to our suite. The communication from Kustomer was vague & unclear, and rather than letting us feel confident with another solution, they kept biding for our interests until the last possible second - all so that they could pull out in the end and leave us begging to stay on with our current provider with only 15 days' notice
  • Positives: Good price per user and since they natively support omnichannel, it's a great deal. Safe to say we've also been able to realize faster response/resolution times with curated searches, workflows, etc. And I think we've created a better customer experience because we see the customer as a whole instead of fractions (ie, if an irate customer sends one email, then a text an hour later, and another email 20 minutes after that, we can notice that as an indication of their frustration level and respond appropriately [rather than 3 different agents casually handling those 3 separate cases and not acting with as much urgency/care])
  • Negatives: to be expected, but as the product offerings have expanded and they're bolstered their features & functionality, the price has become less desirable. Especially for handling voice conversations.
The sales rep did a great job of making us feel heard and instilling trust. We felt that we would be valued as a client instead of just one of thousands, and a small company at that. When we signed they promised and delivered on an additional channel that they hadn't previously supported (toll-free MMS). The product just made sense and was innovative, which definitely gave them an edge.
Great omnichannel solution (voice, chat, sms, email). Collaborate across multiple teams and throughout the org. Set custom business rules and get fairly decent reporting (although reporting could honestly be better). If you adopt Kustomer, be prepared to have someone on your team that knows Javascript as many of the best uses for the product require some heavy lifting with JSON/workflows. They integrate with a decent number of other apps for surveying, analytics, etc.