Letting the user know, without updataing
April 17, 2018

Letting the user know, without updataing

Matthew Guimond | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Leanplum

Leanplum is being used by our company to push out "In App Messaging" that tells our users of upcoming events or newly released sales on In App Purchases. It is also used when we want to target specific users based on a metric that we have on the user: such as how often they purchase in game content.
  • The ability to send out a message to all of the users of our application at one time without an update to the store version, is one of the best features of Leanplum.
  • Targeting specific users and being able to tailor a message just for them. No need to send out a message to all users if the message does not apply to all users.
  • The meta data tracking of Leanplum is also very powerful for determining how and where to target the correct users for your upcoming applications or features.
  • The web based dashboard is very hard to use and without extensive training, most people are not able to use it or could accidentally send out an unintended message to any or all users.
  • If the Leanplum code is implemented in your software without extra care and testing it can break your entire application and effectively destroy your application.
  • Leanplum can be very powerful almost too powerful that if you don't have a dedicated employee that can interface directly with Leanplum Engineers or focus their sole job task on supporting Leanplum; there isn't much use you can get out of Leanplum.
  • We are able to message our customers and let them know of an upcoming event in one of our applications and the data has shown that improves our numbers quite a bit more than just hoping the user will find the specific event that has been released.
  • The ability to taylor messaging to high end purchasers of "In App" content raises the amount of purchases by a user group that has proven in the past they will consistently purchase in game content when notified of it going on sale.
  • Internal Testing of Leanplum is a important part of using Leanplum as we had a situation where our application went out with Leanplum recently added to the software and something was causing the application to crash as soon as it was opened. Effectively stopping anyone from using our application. Leanplum was immediately turned off on this application after it was apparent it was affecting all users.
I was not a part of making the decision to use Leanplum over its competitors.
For sending out a messages to all application users (without having them update) or at least quite a large number of them is one of the best uses for Leanplum. Customers do not update their software quite as often as developers would like them to. While Leanplum does track some data it does not track that metadata quite as well as some of the data systems out there.