Linode serves the needs of my small businesses; it's so easy to use.
July 12, 2021

Linode serves the needs of my small businesses; it's so easy to use.

Travis Siegel | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

Linode has been used to entirely replace our hardware in house, we now use Linode exclusively for all of our hosting needs.
  • Linode offers what you need when you need it, and their various price points mean you don't need to maintain systems you aren't using, and the fact that you can scale up or down at any time makes it a no-brainer.
  • There are times I'd like to provision a unit with specific specs (such as more storage, or more CPUs, or extra RAM), and while you can add storage easily enough once your system is set up, changing RAM or CPUs is problematic, you basically need to delete and recreate a system, loosing all of your work done up to that point.
  • Their API is nice too, but I can't find any way to do custom things with the API, such as monitor CPU usage and spin up another instance when it reaches a certain point.
  • I've also not figured out how to tie multiple instances together to serve multiple users transparently. That doesn't mean it's not available, it just means I've not found it yet.
  • With Linode handling my hosting, I can concentrate on other things I've wanted to do for many years.
  • Since creating new instances is so simple, I can spin up another instance, experiment with something, then remove it, all at practically no cost.
Linode is the most accessible cloud provider I've found. I tried others, but none of them worked for me (I'm blind and use a screen reader). Linode just works out of the box, and I didn't even need to contact support to deal with web or system issues. It works great and allows me to just get things done without worrying about whether my browser or SSH client is going to work or not, and that's a huge weight off my shoulders.
I've never had to use the Linode customer support beyond the web pages already set up for that purpose; everything I needed is either there or easily searchable on Google. Unlike nearly every other hosting company I've used, I've never once needed to put in a ticket for problems I couldn't solve myself, and that too is one major recommendation for them in my book.
Total cost of ownership has dropped to under $100 a year because I never had high enough traffic to warrant big servers, but all other hosting companies required me to take larger packages than I needed because they targeted large companies, and I'm not one of those. So for my purposes, a small instance with a few apps installed suits my purposes just fine, and I couldn't get that elsewhere for the price I pay here.
I used to offer hosting accounts that included system access, and users would complain if they couldn't get to their accounts, so I had to stop offering that service because the hosts I used either didn't offer direct access or they limited the number of users who could access the system. Linode doesn't have these restrictions, and I've been strongly considering reopening this aspect of my business. Sure, it's more work, but it also means more income--income I lost because other companies didn't offer me the capability to offer such accounts. I'm impressed with Linode, and it's offerings vs. their price points.

I've never once tried to access my server and had it not respond because of being offline. I've had network issues getting to the servers, but each and every one of those (so far) has been attributed to local network issues or those immediately upstream of my location. I've never had to blame Linode for not being able to access my servers running on their systems.

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Linode is well suited to organizations with light web traffic because you can have a single instance for next to nothing every month, saving all kinds of infrastructure costs, but it doesn't limit you in any way, if you outgrow that small install, you can always make another (larger) instance and replace your existing one.