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November 16, 2013

ion interactive Review: "LiveBall Not On Par"

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  • The product's main advantage is speed to market. It empowers marketers to build webpages without having to rely on dev resources and release cycles which can tie up marketing initiatives.
  • Basic alteration to pages are very simple such as changing text and images.
  • If you need a custom solution built in the platform, their developers do not QA the product they've created which can result in a lengthier deployment process.
  • While this is suppose to be a user-friendly tool, there are many back end logistics that you need to understand which a marketer doesn't come equipped with.
  • Their customer service is not on par. Instructions for development are often ignored. Clients with more complicated sites do not have a dedicated LiveBall engineer who can familiarize themselves with the nuances of a client's site, so there's constant miscommunication and incorrect deployments due to the number of "hands in the pot".
  • We were able to launch hundreds of new pages in a few months.
  • While dev resources were freed by marketers taking control, it was a headache dealing with incorrect implementations that our dev team was more equipped to handle and wouldn't have made.
  • Due to incorrect implementations of our tracking and cookie logic on LiveBall's end, our data was incorrect for months.
I wouldn't renew my use of LiveBall because there are better solutions out there. When you're working with a product that tries to make a developer's job "doable" by a marketer, you run into constant issues. That is why customer service is so important for tech companies. Also I'm familiar with Adobe CQ, which is a far superior and user-friendly product. Some of the common sense functionalities that CQ has are not included with the LiveBall product.
The only reason why I would recommend LiveBall to a colleague is if they need something that was competitively priced. Even then, I'd tell them to research other options.