Magento Enterprise - Enterprise Class, Affordable Price Point
Updated December 01, 2014

Magento Enterprise - Enterprise Class, Affordable Price Point

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Magento Enterprise

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We are a professional services and systems implementation and integration firm. We assist our clients in leveraging Magento to its fullest potential. It enables merchants, manufacturers, and distributors to market their products and receive orders from online channels. For its price, it has some incredibly impressive features.
  • Multi-Site Implementation - Magento Enterprise has the ability to filter and manage content, customers, and products for multiple sites within one instance and admin panel. This gives online merchants a great deal of flexibility and functionality to target multiple markets with a relatively low cost of ownership
  • Customer Segmentation - Within Magento Enterprise's marketing engine there is a great deal of flexibility in the ability to slice and dice customers by their behaviors and purchase history
  • Flexibility and Extend-ability - Magento Enterprise implementation of the software and open source nature gives it a great deal of flexibility
  • Breadth of Features - Magento Enterprise has a incredibly wide range of features and, although the depth of the features themselves is not incredibly complex, Magento's flexibility allows for some pretty extensive customizations within its framework
  • Low Cost of Ownership - Magento Enterprise license is at a relatively low price-point given the number of features present in the system out of the box
  • Module Marketplace Quality - There are way too many malfunctioning and improperly implemented modules (both theme and Magento Functionality) on Magento's Marketplace
  • Company Immaturity - Magento, although owned by Ebay, is a bit immature as an organization. There has been a great deal of turnover since the acquisition and their ability to support their product, at times, has been suspect. (i.e. the 1.13 issues)
  • Partner Quality - This item is much, much, better than years passed, but Magento's explosive growth has spawned a great deal of professionals looking to simply capitalize on a hot market rather that provide a quality good or service. That being said, Magento has been working on improving this piece and there have definitely been some noticeable enhancements in this regard
  • For Clients who can dedicate the proper resources (which, in the grand scheme of things is really just one trained FTE depending on implementation), we've seen some pretty substantial impact. From incredibly high increases to sales (upwards of 100%) to multi-site and incredibly complex implementations making up investment dollars in months.
  • For Clients who CAN NOT or DO NOT dedicate the proper resources we've seen sites fall to shambles, become money pits, and end up more error-ridden than feature rich. Without the proper oversight and management, like unstained system, a Magento implementation can fall to pieces very quickly.
Shopify, BigCommerce, oscommerce, etc - Magento, provides merchants with lower budgets and less manpower, the ability to have a fully-featured web storefront without the cost of flexibility. Magento allows merchants the ability to fully customize their platform as they see fit

WebSphere, ATG, Hybris, etc - Magento's key differentiation amongst 'enterprise class' softwares is in breadth of functions for relatively low cost. Where an ATG, WebSphere or Hybris could cost upwards of $200,000 Magento comes in at under $20,000. Additionally, Magento compared to these softwares is quite lacking in deep deep marketing, product information management.

At the end of the day, it's imperative anyone planning to enter any fully understands their strategy no matter what software that will be used. Depending on the appetite for complexity and investment, Magento can be an excellent solution for medium sized merchants to implement a fully-featured eCommerce site at a digestible price-point.
As a professional services firm, we've selected Magento as a platform for which we are an implementation partner. Based on our experience over the last 4-5 years we will continue as a partner with them.
Magento (either enterprise or community) is best suited for merchants who want a fully-featured and extendable eBusiness system. It is for individuals or organizations that require a complex system and is not for merchants who do not have the resources (either time or money) to support it. From dynamic marketing to order management to APIs for integration, it provides a feature set and flexibility that, for the price, is unmatched.