Great Option for Small Scale TV News Monitoring
July 06, 2018

Great Option for Small Scale TV News Monitoring

Cindy Arco | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Media Monitor Pro

My department used Media Monitor Pro for more than 4 years to monitor mentions of our company on television newscasts. Only those in my department, myself and my boss, log in to the platform, but we do share the information and news clips with others as a way to show ROI on the cost we pay for the monitoring program. The program allows us to find out when our company is mentioned in television newscasts, to watch the clips and share them with others.


  • Cost effective - Media Monitor Pro offers very affordable and competitive pricing for television news media monitoring services.
  • Ease of use - it's easy to view clips sent in the daily emails and to edit, download and share them with others, even if they are not registered users of the Media Monitor Pro platform.
  • The scope of monitoring - Media Monitor Pro monitors the majority of local news television stations throughout the country, plus a decent amount of radio stations.


  • Clip availability - quite frequently, the links to clips in the daily digest emails would not work. After clicking the link, you would be taken to the clip player and it would "load" for quite a while and then say the clip failed to play. I would have to contact the support team to figure out if it was an issue with the clip or why it wasn't loading.
  • Clip timing - often when you begin playing a clip in the player, it's not at the specific part that mentioned your company's keywords. That would mean I had to listen to a long clip/story to find what part was relevant to me.
  • Media Monitor Pro had a negative impact in terms of timely access to some news clips. Although the reports are delivered regularly, the issues with clicking on particular clips and not having them play properly were frustrating and left us without key clips needed in crisis situations.
  • Media Monitor Pro had a positive impact in terms of allowing us to easily store and categorize clips through folders by topic and date.
I prefer Cision PR Software over Media Monitor Pro. Cision PR Software is more expensive, but offers more options and is a better overall comprehensive solution to media monitoring and reporting as it monitors television, print and online news. Media Monitor Pro only monitors television news clips, so I have to also use another service to monitor for print and online coverage, then create my own reports from scratch using analytics and data from both platforms.
Media Monitor Pro is a great choice for smaller organizations, such as companies, nonprofits or PR agencies, that need to monitor television news coverage when a lot of television news clips are not expected on a daily basis. It offers competitive pricing compared to some of the larger players in the media monitoring space but without the "bells and whistles" of reports and analytics, but a smaller company wouldn't need those as much as a larger company that is in the news on television a lot. It's not as great of a fit for those larger companies, particularly when there is a crisis PR situation and the company needs to be tracking news media coverage constantly and have instant access to any and all clips.

Using Media Monitor Pro

2 - Media Monitor Pro was used primarily by two people in our organization, myself and my boss - the Florida Region Public Relations team. Our business functions include public relations, crisis communications, and internal communications. In addition, we shared information and reports based on results from the platform with our colleagues in other departments, including government affairs, community investment, and marketing.


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