It Is Possible To Create The Same Applications That More Traditional Platforms Offer In A Fraction Of The Time.
October 11, 2016

It Is Possible To Create The Same Applications That More Traditional Platforms Offer In A Fraction Of The Time.

Mitchel Mol | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Mendix App Platform

We use the Mendix App Platform to provide innovative solutions for our customers. These customers have a variety of requests and are always heavily involved in the agile approach of realizing these requests. While writing this review I am working on an enterprise solution for a major player in the real estate business. They adopted Mendix because it gave them the capability to grow their software landscape at the same pace of their growing business.
  • You don't need to worry about the basics surrounding security, CRUD actions, integration, UX and many other things you need to create the same basics when developing with traditional platforms.
  • It is possible to create the same applications that more traditional platforms offer in a fraction of the time.
  • It gave the organizations I worked for the ability to create far more complex applications with a smaller team and in a shorter time frame. When we brought in external auditors they even confirmed the fact that what we build would take at least 50% more resources to develop in for example Java or .Net. Also, the fact that we don't have to take care of the basics during development, means we can focus on the actual business process and how to make the product work for the business.
  • The fact that your development resources can be greatly reduced compared to those platforms will give you a better ROI.
  • The document templates definitely need some love, they have been around for a while but no actual improvements have been done since they were released. At least not in terms of additional options like the web counterparts of the elements you have available have.
  • Also, Mendix is even easy for non-developers to start developing apps with, however when the application grows and gets more complex these type of users are not fully guided in making it as secure and perform as it should. It would be great if the modeler could also start pointing in the right direction when it comes to that. Although Mendix did introduce the Mendix Application Quality Monitor which could help with this issue.
  • In the past, I encountered scalability issues that caused stability issues. Mendix can scale to multiple application servers but at the time it could not scale to more database servers, the only solution was, to add more resources to the single available database server.
  • I do believe that Mendix is trying to solve this with HP Helion and Cloud Foundry solutions which are horizontally and vertically scalable. I however haven't had any experience with these platforms in combination with Mendix yet.
  • Support seems to be overwhelmed by requests, which results in an almost complete lack of proper support for issues that you as a developer can't resolve. The community is a great help though.
  • It gives any customer the capability to reduce the ROI significantly because of the faster time to market.
  • Also the fact that you can develop an app with a much smaller team helps smaller startups to start developing their own apps with Mendix.
If you need to keep track of data that is entered by people and need some sort of workflow to be processed, Mendix does a very great job. It also has the capability to integrate with almost any system out there. It even makes up for some of the less well-developed integrations from those systems it connects to.

However, do not expect a completely codeless experience. Yes it is possible for everyone to start developing an application in Mendix. But it helps to have some sort of background in traditional development - to know what is going on behind the scenes, issues with wrong setups in your data modal etc. And when the platform can't do what you want it helps if you have knowledge of Javascript (for client side extending the platform) or Java (for server side extending the platform).